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  • Custom Serialized 80% Lower - CA Compliant
  • Custom Serialized 80% Lower - CA Compliant
  • Custom Serialized 80% Lower - CA Compliant
  • Custom Serialized 80% Lower - CA Compliant
  • Custom Serialized 80% Lower - CA Compliant
  • Custom Serialized 80% Lower - CA Compliant
  • Custom Serialized 80% Lower - CA Compliant

Custom Serialized 80% Lower - CA Compliant
$99.99 - $189.99

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Product details

We now offer you the ability to order your 80% lower receiver with a custom ATF compliant serial number engraved into it. Our engraving fee is $30 dollars per lower, plus the regular cost of the 80% lower.

Serial numbers are NOT required in any state that we know of, EXCEPT for California. If you live in California, this product will keep your completed 80% lower legal and unregistered after AB857 becomes effective on July 1, 2018. You must complete your lower BEFORE July 1, 2018, if you want to keep your lower unregistered. If you complete your lower after July 1, 2018, OR fail to engrave a serial number before July 2018, you will be legally required to register your 80% lower with CA department of justice. Do not wait until the last minute; we will be swamped with engraving work. A more detailed explanation of this new law can be found on our FAQ page.

We use a powerful laser to precision engrave text to a depth greater than 0.003 inches as required by ATF's specification for serial number marking and California law. To meet ATF serial number requirements, the following information must appear:

  1. Serial Number: Enter your desired serial number in this box. We recommend using less than 12 characters of text. You can use letters, numbers, or combination of both. ATF requires serial numbers to be unique for each firearm you serialize.
  2. Caliber: We will mark your receiver with “Cal: Multi” as shown in photos.
  3. Manufacturer’s name: Enter the name of the person who will complete the lower. Maximum of 30 characters of text including spaces. We will have to split it into two lines of text if you exceed 14 characters.
  4. Manufacturer’s city and state: Enter city and state of residence for the person who will complete the lower. Use 2 letter state abbreviation. Maximum 30 characters of text including spaces and commas. Anything exceeding 14 characters long will be split into two lines of text.

Model number is not required to be engraved.

We do not report serial numbers or any other customer information to the government. By engraving a serial number, you are not registering your firearm. The only person who will know what your serial number is, is you.

Please verify the information you supply to us is correct before submitting your order. Custom engraved receivers are not returnable, and orders cannot be canceled once engraving is completed. Our lifetime warranty will cover the receiver against any manufacturing defects. All lowers will be engraved with Capital letters.  

Our quantity discounts for 80% lowers also apply to custom engraved lowers. Buy any combination of 5 or more lowers and save $10 off each lower, or save $20 off each lower for any combination of 10 or more lowers.

Lead time: Our normal lead time for engraving is 2 to 3 weeks on in stock products. Some of our lower receivers may have a waiting list if we are receiving orders for them faster than our factory can produce them. You can find find out whether a specific type / color lower receiver is in stock by locating it on this page and checking the product description.

* We will not engrave profanity on lower receivers.  

** If we make a mistake on your engraving information, we will gladly replace the lower at no charge.  

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