80% Lowers

What is an 80 Lower Receiver?

An 80% Lower Receiver, sometimes called “80 lowers” or “a paperweight”, are AR-15, AR-9, or AR-308 80% lower receivers that are 80% finished in the machining process. There’s still a small amount of finishing to be done to make these products a legal firearm. This is important because the ATF does NOT recognize an 80% complete lower as a firearm, and therefore an unfinished receiver is not subject to the same regulations as any other complete firearm. This means, no RED TAPE including:

NO Registering an 80% Lower   NO Transfer fees like a typical firearm   
NO FFL Required, Ships right to your door   


Best 80% Lowers in the Industry

We build our lowers better than the rest, and are rated the best 80% lowers in the industry by PewPewTactical. We use premium 6061-T6 aluminum (AKA quality billet aluminum) and inspect all of our 80 percent lowers to the highest industry standards. They are all made right here in the USA to the most demanding specifications in the industry. 

All our lowers include Fire and Safe engravings and are fully compatible with all milspec products across the AR-15, .308, and AR-9 platforms. That means you can choose your favorite upper receivers and accessories to build your perfect rifle!  

Build Your Own Custom Firearms with 80% Arms

All our 80% lowers are milled to perfection on precision CNC machinery, manufactured here in the USA. We create the world’s best 80 percent lowers, perfect for completing at home with one of our industry-leading receiver jigs. In fact, we are the first company in the world to offer the simplistic router jig that revolutionized the industry. 

Ready to get started? Browse our selection of 80 lowers above. Have any questions about our products? Give us a call at (949) 354-2767 [ARMS] or contact us and we’ll help you get started today!

We stand by all our products with a lifetime guarantee!


How to Complete an 80% Lower

To complete an 80% lower receiver assembly so that you can use it to make a ready-to-build firearm by definition, you will need a router jig kit and power tools such as a quality drill and drill bits (included in the kit) to cut through the excess material from the receiver blank to cut it into a functional stripped receiver or frame. The machining process involves:

  • Drilling the hammer pin hole

  • Drilling a trigger pin hole

  • Making a safety selector lever hole

  • Drilling a fire control group cavity

This process is known as fabrication. The jig is made from steel, aluminum, or polymer, and by using a drill, it will guide you along every fabrication step. Machining time is usually less than 2 hours and can even be as little as 45 minutes with enough skill and quality materials. For a more complete guide on building an 80% lower, click here.

Benefits of Using Our 80% Lower

Benefits of using our 80% lower include:

  • You are in control of the whole building process and can create the perfect custom firearm.

  • You can save time by avoiding the hassle of getting licenses, paperwork, and fees since you are only buying parts for a DIY build. This means the parts can be shipped directly without dealers and middlemen.

  • You can create more than just one firearm when you purchase a jig.

  • Fabrication is easier than it seems, so developing these skills will come in handy for future projects.