AR 10 & .308 Grips

AR 10 & .308 Grips

You’ll have quite the time trying to hold your rifle up, no less aiming it, if you don’t have a quality AR10 grip. We carry only the best AR10 grips that we use ourselves on our own builds. Whether it’s a pistol grip or a vertical foregrip, most of these are made out of synthetic materials such as polymer or rubber. They will typically come in a texturized fashion making a positive grip possible regardless of temperature or or how slippery your hands may be. AR10 grips are not only ambidextrous they’re also compatible

What is an AR 10 Grip?

Colloquially referred to as a ‘grip,’ the word refers to what most would recognize and know as a ‘pistol grip.’ Gone are the days where all you had to hold onto for a grip was a tiny piece of slippery, cheap, mil-spec plastic from the ‘70s. Today, we have several great options and updated designs for you to choose from that are made out of high quality materials. These new AR10 grips are much more ergonomic, making your AR10 that much easier to hold and control.

The term ‘grip’ also refers to foregrips which are traditionally placed beneath the handguard or rail. For your building convenience, we carry vertical foregrips that are M-LOK compatible which makes mounting it to the rail that much easier.

Why choose these grips?

Some lower parts kits come with a mil-spec A2 style grip. They’re a bit thin and aren’t the most comfortable thing to squeeze when manipulating your rifle. That’s why we have a variety of popular options for you to choose from Magpul. Having a more ergonomic AR-15 grip will enable you to move faster, hold onto your gun for longer periods of time and, (most importantly), have a better looking AR10 build than someone who uses a basic A2 grip!

Why is a pistol grip important?

A common denominator between a lot of different firearm platforms when it comes to ergonomic furniture parts is that many of them will have a pistol grip. Having a pistol grip helps to maintain consistent control over a gun regardless of the weight which promotes a controlled balance with both your dominant and off-hand.

What to consider when choosing an AR10 pistol grip

When making your purchase decision, be sure to look for more factors than just the price. Remember to check the overall quality of a pistol grip fitting your budget. Here are some key characteristics to consider.

Shooting Style

Those new to tactical firearms need to use the same stance as used when shooting sport rifles. It’s going to come down to your hand size and preference but you have to ask yourself, “what am I going to use this for?” Depending on your preference in tactical firearms accessory products, you may find an AR10 grip more preferable over another one. Consider what your intended use for your build is going to be to best inform you on your AR 10 grip selection.


Most AR pistol grips have a hollow body and are made out of polymer. However, some newer designs have begun to use textured rubberized grips. Of course, there are always niche companies also making skeletonized AR-15 grips out of carbon fiber or titanium for maximum weight savings.

State Gun Control Compliance

Essentially, if you live in California, the AR pistol grip is not allowed and you have to use a featureless grip or what’s better known as a “fin” grip unless you maglock your rifle. Be sure to use an AR10 grip that is compliant with current laws based on where you live. Though, there may be some other local counties or cities around the country who intend to copy California’s gun control laws.


There are pistol grips to match choices of component colors. Magpul is widely known for having pistol grips and handguards available in many different colors such as black, flat dark earth or olive drab green.

Extra Features

When choosing a pistol grip, factor in the durability, weight, and comfort. Everyone has a different response to the feel of each material. Some shooters like rubber-coated grips which are popular for their increased grip over textured polymer. But some people like the polymer more too. Consider their mounting styles as well if you’re looking at foregrips. Some attach onto the handguard via picatinny rail, M-LOK and Keymod slots.

Upgrade your AR10 Grip Today!

Looking to add some more stability to your next AR 10 build? 80% Arms carries a number of AR10 grips that are great for customizing your build. Don’t forget to consider this effective and ergonomic accessory to help you have a more accurate and stable shooting platform. AR 10 grips are easy and quick to install as well. Shop today!