AR 15 Weapon Lights

Why buy an AR15 light?

Enhance your visibility in low light situations and at night with an AR 15 light from 80% Arms! We carry the best AR 15 weapon lights on the market to help meet your needs. Whether that is conquering your fear of the dark or being able to positively ID a person or object at 100 yards or even further, having an AR15 light only works to give you more control. These products aren’t called weapon lights for no reason, they can also be used to deter enemy combatants and submit aggressors through sheer blinding light. For a guide on AR 15 tactical lights jump to our blog to learn more.

Surefire Scout Weapon Light

Surefire is one of the premier brands of tactical flashlights in the firearms industry used by military and law enforcement officers alike. The Scout series of weaponlights is a mainstay and used by many as a baseline for developing new products and modifiable accessories or parts for your AR15 light. Several brands today offer a variety of button switches, cables, mounts and even bulb heads which can replace the Scout’s head should it receive too much wear and tear or if you simply want a new upgrade. With so much aftermarket support for this light, you can’t go wrong with a Surefire Scout for your AR15 light.

Streamlight ProTac Weapon Light

Not everyone has a surplus of budget to work with when gearing up and that’s okay! For those on a budget or who don’t need a blinding light that travels over a hundred yards out, rather, simply something that will more than adequately light up your path, a car, a room or indoor locations — essentially all locations that would fall under the CQB category then these lights work great for that and are much more affordable as well.

With Surefire products you often have to buy a mount and switch after buying the weapon light itself, making it an expensive venture. But with Streamlight, you not only receive an affordable and capable AR15 light, it also comes with the mount and switch - everything you need to directly plug and play out of the box after installing it onto your firearm.

What to look for in an AR 15 Light

The first few factors AR 15 weapon light buyers will typically look for are the lumens, the candela output and battery performance. We want to see the lumens because that generally tells us how bright the light will be. They don’t call it weapon light for no reason, but every light has its own purpose. Generally speaking, we look for AR 15 lights that are at least 1000 lumens or above — this has become the industry standard for energy output from a taclight. Anything lower than that is typically meant for a different weapon platform like a handgun or shotgun or it may be for indoors use only so you don’t accidentally blind yourself with a light that’s too bright. There are also instances where the light can be so bright that it whites out your targets, rendering you unable to aim properly or have the best possible situational awareness.

Next, we look at candela which is the measure of how intense or how focused the light output is. A good comparison would be to see a Surefire X300 vs a Streamlight TLR1-HL. While the Streamlight in this case is still a very bright light, it’s candela is not very focused so the light has more of a ‘white wall’ effect that illuminates more of your surroundings. Whereas, the X300 is known for being a very ‘hot’ light because it has a very strong and focused output of light. When shining this Surefire at a wall, you get a small and tight circle of light compared to the Streamlight. With higher candelas, you also have the ability to push that beam farther out and to positively identify your targets at further distances.

Of course, we also want to know how long this AR 15 light will last. Depending on how you plan on using this light or perhaps if it is necessary to your profession, this may be a critical factor in your purchase decision. For plinkers and shooters planning only using it for the range at night, perhaps batteries that only last 30 minutes isn’t necessarily an issue. However, we usually want AR 15 weapon lights to last anywhere between 75 to 90 minutes because these are typically used momentarily and are not kept ‘on’ constantly which make the batteries last longer stretching a single battery’s life to days if not weeks (perhaps months) depending on how often you are turning the light on.

The last thing to consider would be the price. Knowing all the aforementioned specs, you should compare various brands’ lights to see what they can do based on the price they cost. At the end of the day, which functions matter more to you and what fits your budget? Get the best AR15 light for YOU.