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Gun Safes & Gun Storage for Safety

80 Percent Arms   |   Jun 24th 2020

Safes to Store Your Firearm

There are many aspects to being a responsible firearm owner. First, you have to be sure that when you’re using your firearm, you’re following firearm safety practices to ensure that everyone around you, and you yourself, are not in danger of being hurt. You also have to be sure that if you loan your firearm out for others to use that they themselves are responsible and will also practice safety while they have your firearm. It’s also important that you take care of your firearm to ensure that no issues will occur while you or someone else is using it. You should also be up to date with firearm safety courses to ensure that you have as much knowledge as you can get regarding how to be safe around firearms.

Indeed, these are all important ways we can be safe regarding firearms, but it’s also necessary to ensure that your firearm is properly stored while it is not being used. Proper storage of firearms is so important not only for safety reasons, but for security reasons as well. When you have an item that can cause serious injury, you want to be sure that it is in a place where only those you trust can access it. This isn't just to protect children from having access to a firearm, it's also to prevent a gun from falling into the wrong hands, should someone break in while you're away.

Why Safe Storage is Important

Just like a knife, nobody wants their young child to be able to access a firearm unsupervised. Teaching children firearms safety is important for and kid in the same home as a gun, but the best practice is to keep them locked up, especially if they are too young to understand. Should an item like a loaded firearm be within reach of people like small children, it is easy to see how injuries could occur. Unfortunately, this scenario has happened on multiple occasions, which is why it’s so important to ensure your firearms are secured when you have children in your home.

Even if you don’t have children in your home, there are other reasons why having your guns secured is necessary. If your firearms are out in the open, unsecured, anyone inside your home could pick it up, including friends or even strangers like repair people you have over. If your guns are always secured, you don't have to worry about it. Going even further than that, having your firearm in a safe will help deter a theft, if an undesirable breaks in while you're away. Depending on the type of safe you have, it can either completely foil a robber from taking your firearm, or at least make it extremely difficult, to the point that they may give up. On the chance they steal the whole safe, if it’s a small and light safe, you can at least have it documented that you made every attempt to keep your firearm secure in a police report, which can be very important down the road if your weapon ends up being used in a crime. 

Plus, having a safe allows a firearm owner to have some peace of mind about their firearm. You can't carry all your guns with you all the time (my truck isn't big enough), so why worry about them at home? We lock our cars when we're out, we lock our homes when we go on vacation, why wouldn't we lock our guns up? Don't tell the wife, but my guns are worth more than her car anyway. 

Types of Safe Firearm Storage

In today’s market, there are many different types of safes that can be purchased, which allows for all firearm owners to have a choice when it comes to what they want to protect their firearms. Some of these safes include:

Floor Safes

These safes are a great option if you have several firearms, or other items, that you don’t want to go missing. Safes that can bolted to a floor or to a wall give firearm owners a huge breath of relief because they know their safe isn’t going anywhere. These safes are typically owned by those who have a lot of items they want to keep secured, and by having their safe bolted to their home’s foundation or to a strong wall, it makes it near impossible for those who want to try to steal the safe as a whole to succeed.

Quick Access Safes

These safes contain a scanner that allows you to program fingerprints into its memory, only allowing the safe to open for those fingerprints. It will depend on the make and model of the safe, but for most of these safes, you can program somewhere between one and ten fingerprints into the memory, which means that you will know all the people who have access to your safe, further securing your firearms. This is best for your nightstand gun, when you don't have time to fiddle with keys or a combination when something goes bump in the night.

Combination Safes

Combination locks are a popular option because it requires that someone remember a combination to open the safe. This combination is programmed by the safe owner, so they will have to teach it to anyone else interested in being able to access the safe. Mostly found on big, floor mounted safes, you get the satisfying feeling of opening a vault door to access your collection.

Furniture Safes

These safes are typically small, so they can only hold one handheld firearm or two small firearms. These are great options for those who only own one or two small firearms and want to have them available for protection. These safes have the ability to bolt onto many different kinds of furniture, which means they can be put nearly anywhere a firearm owner may think they’d need to have access to their firearm. As always, having the option of where you’d want to store your firearm is a great advantage to have in a safe, which helps make these safes very popular.

Be sure to do your research before buying a safe to know what kind is best for you and your home life. Safety is important, but you want to be sure you make a purchase that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Vehicle Safes

Let's face it: The most vulnerable time for your firearms is during transportation. That's why a company called Boss Strong Box has created vehicle safes to keep things secure on the go. Whether you're looking for a compact safe to keep a handgun, or a full size safe to store a rifle, they offer the best options on the market to secure your firearms in your vehicle.

Purchasing Your Own Firearm

When it comes time to purchase a firearm, whether it’s your first or your fifth, come to the people who know how to help. At 80 Percent Arms, we know how to help our clients find the perfect firearm for them, and we are confident you will leave satisfied with your purchase. Our employees are knowledgeable and eager to help, so call us today or visit us online to start the process of buying your next firearm today!