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​Must-Have Attachments for Your AR-15

80 Percent Arms   |   Feb 2nd 2021

Countless firearm owners could agree that the stock AR-15 is durable and precise. Although, there are many improvements that can be made. With the right fore-grip, adjustable stock, and a holographic sight, you will notice some major improvements in your performance.

AR-15 Magazines

AR15 rifle

A stock magazine does its job. It feeds rounds into your rifle; that is all. But with a magazine, you need reliability and a little aesthetic flavor to compliment your rifle.

For that, we cannot recommend highly enough the Magpul Gen 3 PMAGs, which the U.S. Marine Corps recently adopted for its boots-on-the-ground forces. The Gen 3 features a convenient window to keep track of your rounds, a slight curve for a more comfortable grip, and a four-way, anti-tilt follower to ensure more excellent reliability overall.

AR-15 Ambidextrous Charging Handle

Whether you are left- or right-handed should not matter when eyeing an ambidextrous charging handle for the AR-15. The clear majority of rifles come stock with a single-side charging handle. It is not enough. A factory charging handle may feel minuscule compared to your hand, or if you have optics mounted close by it may be hard to grab.

An ambidextrous charging handle is larger than a standard charging handle allowing you to pull quickly from the left or right to rack a round. In the unfortunate event you experience a jam, you can grip both handles and pull to clear out the round. 

AR-15 Stocks

AR15 rifle

Your rifle’s stock absorbs as much recoil as possible. It also has the added benefit of increasing your comfort level while shooting. Therefore, an aftermarket stock is arguably one of the most beneficial upgrades to your AR-15.

You could purchase a stock that complements your rifle, shooting style, and use. Say you use your AR-15 for home defense, consider the narrow hallways and doorways of your home before buying an extended stock.

AR-15 Optics

When you first purchase a rifle, its stock iron sights are a well-rounded and convenient option, but that quickly changes. Whether you hit the range on the weekends, go hunting in the fall, or prefer the clarity of a red dot or holographic sight, the AR-15’s top rail (a staple on most models) is built to accommodate optics.

Optics for the AR-15 quickly rise in price. You can find a scope that costs more than your rifle. Or you can opt for an affordable red dot with favorable reviews from Amazon.

AR-15 Foregrips

AR15 rifle

For quite a long time, the C-Clamp rifle grip was popular among military personnel and everyday firearms enthusiasts back home. You can bet it is still popular among some enthusiasts. However, most AR owners prefer to attach a foregrip to their rifle for greater stability and recoil control.

With foregrips, you have an abundance of options. For instance, there are magazine well grips, hand-stops, vertical foregrips, angled foregrips, dual-purpose foregrips with bipod attachments, and plenty more. By choosing the right grip, you will significantly improve your comfort and shooting capabilities.

AR-15 Extended Magazine Release

For most shooters, the ability to release your magazine quickly and easily from the well without fumbling about with a small button is less-than-ideal.The answer is simple but often overlooked. Invest in an extended magazine release, and you will quickly discover an easier, more manageable way to swap magazines on the fly.

If you custom-build an AR-15 using an 80% lower, the ability to pick exact parts is crucial. With AR-15 attachments, you have the opportunity to customize your rifle to your liking. That is why we love the AR-15. It is versatile and user-friendly.