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Free Lower Promotion

Until further notice, if you build an 80% Arms lower with our Easy Jig Gen 2 and post a review of the build process on your favorite gun forum, we will send you any 80% Arms AR-15 or .308 80% lower receiver of your choice* for free. Shipping is free too. To qualify, your review must include either photos, a Youtube video, or both. Email us a link to it along with your shipping info, your order number for the Easy Jig Gen 2 used in the review, and which lower you want. This offer is limited to only one review per easy jig. Sorry, multiple reviews will not qualify for multiple lowers.

Your review does not have to be positive to qualify. We are not looking to buy positive reviews. Our customers have been almost universally thrilled with how well the Easy Jig Gen 2 worked for them. Your build experience with the Easy Jig should be nearly effortless. In the rare event that it's not, something is wrong. Please feel free to contact our tech support and we'll be happy to help.

You MUST must be a regularly posting member on the forum you post on. You cannot create an account for the sole purpose of writing a review. Promo will only apply to forum members who have more than 15 previous posts on the forum and an account greater than 3 months old.

*Offer excludes cerakoted lower receivers and lowers made from 7075 aluminum.