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  • Universal Drill Press 80% AR-15 Jig
  • Universal Drill Press 80% AR-15 Jig
  • Universal Drill Press 80% AR-15 Jig

Universal Drill Press 80% AR-15 Jig
$4.99 - $99.99

  • Sold Out! - 80% AR-15 Jig - Silver
  • Sold Out! - 80% AR-15 Jig - Anodized Grey
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Product details

The 80% Arms universal drill press AR-15 jig consists of 5 individually replaceable plates that show you where to drill or mill your lower. We recommend it as a more cost effective option for more experienced users who already own a drill press. For those looking for the simplest, fastest system to complete a lower, we highly recommend our router based Easy Jig system.

Our universally compatible drill press jig makes finishing your 80% lower at home with a drill press or mill much easier. Every part of this jig is reusable and can be used to make dozens of lowers. This AR-15 jig is NOT compatible with our .308 lowers or Easy Jig tool kit.

Click here for a step by step guide to finishing your lower with an 80% Arms Drill Press Jig. 

*Please note, the default finish for replacement parts is silver. If you would like an anodized replacement part, please contact us and we will provide an anodized version. The jig in the photo is anodized grey.


In stock.

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Lower Replacement Program: In the remote chance you make a mistake while using an 80% Arms Jig that damages your 80% Arms lower, we will replace your lower at a 50% discount off of the list price.

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