Complete Glock 19 80% Build Kit

Glock 19 Complete Slide - Black - Stainless Barrel
P80 Compact - Colors - Build Kit - LPK Option
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Looking to build a G19 9mm style pistol at home? Look no further! Save time and money by buying our quality kit in 1 easy step! This is a 100% MADE IN USA G19 build kit, manufactured and built to standards at or above OEM quality. Beware of lesser quality slides and barrels sourced overseas! Finishing this 80% Glock style frame with the included finishing jig and bits can be achieved in under an hour with low to to medium difficulty! It's now easier and more satisfying than ever to build your G19 80% lower at home. 

As 80% lowers and frames are NOT considered firearms, this G19 Build Kit frame can be shipped directly to your home, no FFL transfer required! Buy with confidence, Polymer80 provides a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer's defects. Polymer80 boasts test frames withstanding up to 10,000 rounds, with many enthusiasts reporting 500 to 2500 rounds fired without an issue! 

Clarification for Glock legal department: Glock is a trademark of Glock Inc. Polymer80 lowers are not manufactured by Glock Inc. Glock does not manufacture 80% lowers at this time. To be clear, you can build a Glock style pistol with a Polymer80 80% lower, but it will not be a genuine Glock branded product. This build kit contains a mixture of high quality aftermarket Glock compatible parts, along with some OEM Glock components.

Kit Includes:

Polymer80 80% Textured G19 Frame - Includes Jig and Necessary Bits

  • Polymer80 Textured PF940C 80% Frame - Your Choice Black, FDE, OD Green or Grey

- Complete Assembled Slide

  • OE Style Gen 3 Slide with Tapered Nose
  • Melonite Coating
  • Heat Treated Stainless Slide
  • Front Rear Serrations
  • Radiused Corner Profile
  • Front and Rear Sight Cuts
  • 9mm 416R Stainless Barrel
  • Slide Completion Parts Kit
  • Factory Glock® Sights

- G19 Lower Parts Kit (OEM)

  • Trigger with Trigger Bar
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring
  • Trigger Housing with Ejector
  • Trigger Housing Pin
  • Extended Slide Lock with Spring
  • Slide Stop
  • Slide Stop Spring
  • 5lb Connector
  • Extended Magazine Catch
  • Magazine Catch Spring


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For more information about our 80 percent Glock 19 complete kit, the PF940Cv1 G19 frame, or any of the other parts included in this package,  please contact us if you have any questions.