Support Our Legal Fund

Welcome to our Legal Defense Fund bundles!


Here we offer unique products, merch and build kits that you won’t find anywhere else on our website. These bundles are priced to support our legal team as we are currently embroiled in legal battles. We're fighting to defend your Second Amendment rights to keep and bear your privately made firearms.


What’s in the mystery box?

Our mystery box has a limited number of one-off items that have unique colorways, designs and or additional accessories that will come with the few lucky buyers that receive these items. For buyers that do not receive any of the “high value” items, you will still receive a combination of lower value items that are not as unique and are regularly offered on our site. The high value items will be displayed on our Instagram page so make sure to follow us @80percentarms.

What makes these products unique?

We’ve often been told that we should have more merch as our t-shirts have been quite popular - well now we have not one, but two new tee designs and they come in a much more comfortable and softer fabric than before. Keep the sun out of your eyes with our new embroidered hat and slap any one of our multiple new sticker designs onto your rifle or pistol cases. These new products can’t be purchased anywhere else on our site. 

Why should I pay so much for a t-shirt? 

By purchasing a product from one of our Legal Defense Fund bundles you not only receive an extremely limited item you are also supporting us in our legal fights against the government which is determined to shut our business down. With your support we can stay in the legal fight longer and take our 2A rights advocacy further.