Shipping Info


General Shipping Information

All packages will be sent via USPS Priority Mail, or via Fedex ground for larger packages. After we have fulfilled your order you will receive a tracking number via email.  Please contact us within 30 days of shipment for any issues with delivery ff you have any questions regarding your shipment.

Orders over $400 will require a signature.  

Due to Covid-19 regulations, FedEx and USPS are delivering some packages that are shipped with a “signature required delivery”, without requesting a signature upon delivery. 
Please be aware that this varies from region to region and our company has no control over whether USPS or FedEx will abide by the signature delivery options.  For further information, please refer to the USPS and FedEx websites. Thank you for understanding.  


Shipping Address Change



Address change requests must be done through our Customer Service team by calling (949) 354-2767 or emailing us at 


Changing your address on our website will not change the address for shipment that is solely for new orders. 


Once an order has shipped we are unable to change the shipping address and would require the package to be sent back to us in order to reship it. 


Customers can request their shipping service (USPS or FedEx) hold packages at their local facility for pick up and that can be done either by contacting your local office with your tracking information or going online to request a change of delivery. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ADDITIONAL COST OF CHANGING DELIVERY TYPE.


Lost or Potentially Stolen Package

Often times what is believed to have been a stolen package turns out to be an error made by the postal carrier in delivering your mail to the wrong address. We recommend that you check with your neighbors to see if they received your package in error. Sometimes when a package does not fit in a mailbox, the package may be left near your door or in a hidden area to avoid being stolen. Please search the immediate area by your mailbox and door to make sure your package is not there. You should also speak with your mail carrier to ask if he or she recalls delivering the package to your address.
In the event the above steps are not successful in locating your package, you may present a claim to 80% Arms if you purchased shipping insurance. If shipping insurance was not purchased, you will need to present a claim to either USPS or your credit card company. If USPS failed to deliver your package, they may provide up to $50 in coverage if they approve your claim. If your package was delivered and then stolen, many credit card companies provide purchase protection coverage which provides theft protection for the full value of the order. It is important to promptly contact your credit card company to present a claim. 
USPS / Info Claims Link:
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