AR-15 80% Lower Receivers

WHAT IS AN AR-15 80 Lower?

If you've been looking at building an AR-15 rifle, but you don't want to deal with the hassle of an FFL, or you want a project to complete at home, then you've been looking for an 80% AR-15 lower receiver. Because it's not a completed firearm, an AR-15 80 lower can ship directly to your doorstep, and requires no background check provided that you finish the last 20% out yourself. 

With an AR-15 80 lower you can build a rifle chambered in a wide variety of calibers, and options are as varied as the AR-15 itself. While the most common is a 5.56mm lower, the exact same receiver is capable of also being a .300 blackout lower receiver, or any other common AR-15 caliber that you wish.


80% Arms offers 80 lowers in multiple different color options, all of which feature aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum which provide increased resistance to corrosion, extreme durability, and ease of milling. All of our AR-15 80% lowers also include a flared magwell and integrated trigger guard optimized for heavy winter gloves. 

Our FDE 80% lowers, as well as our OD Green and Pink lowers are all finished in a high-quality ceramic based paint called Cerakote. Cerakoted 80% lowers give you the ability to match your rifle to your environment while also increasing the amount of protection to your rifle. Cerakoted AR-15 80% lowers are highly resistant to scratches, bumps, and austere weather. 

Skip the line, invest in your hobby and Second Amendment rights by building your own AR-15 rifle starting with an 80 lower