80 Lower Engraving

Why Should I Engrave My Lower Receiver?

You may choose to engrave your lower with a serial number for personal record-keeping, or engraving may be required depending on your local laws. Having an engraved lower may help police recover a rifle in the event that it is stolen, or keep you out of trouble if an officer wants to see your rifle while out shooting. Have questions on if you need to engrave to keep your rifle legal? Check out your state's 80 lower laws here.

California Engraving Requirements

Our engraving services are there to help make your lowers California compliant, and once you apply and are issued a serial number, we can get your lower engraved quickly. To ensure our engravings are 100% compliant with California Department of Justice requirements, we do not alter the format of any compliance engravings. 

Personal Engraving

We are happy to do engraving for anyone who wants their lower engraved. While we are not able to engrave special script or images, many people choose to engrave personal serial numbers to keep personal records, or to add a personal touch to their rifle. Get creative with your serial number or name on the rifle, and have something subtle but clever at the range! 

Shipping Engraved Lowers

When dealing with 100% lowers - lowers which have been milled out and are now legally a firearm - we are only permitted by law to ship the firearm back to the exact address it came from. So if you are mailing in a lower, please, do it from somewhere you can pick up the mail!