Upper Receivers

What is an Upper Receiver?

An AR15 Upper Receiver, also commonly called an “AR15 Upper”, or simply, an “Upper”, is the heart and soul of your rifle. It houses your bolt-carrier group, your barrel, supports your handguard or rail system choice, and wears your optics on top. When it comes down to what kind of rifle you are building, those decisions are made in your upper receiver. We build our own upper receivers in-house, to exactly how you order it, so you get an upper to fit your exact needs. 

How can I customize? 

We offer a variety of components to help you add the perfect upper to your rifle:

Barrel Twist Rates & Finishes   Muzzle Devices
Calibers Handguard Systems and Lengths

All uppers are assembled in house by a Marine Reservist Armorer, to your exact specifications. Of course, we also offer several third party AR15 Upper Receivers and M4 Uppers as well, with quality offerings from Aero Precision, CMMG, and Spike’s Tactical. Whatever upper you choose, you can be sure you’ll be on target. Need help deciding? Want a complete build kit instead? We wrote a few articles to help you out!

All products backed by our lifetime guarantee!