Complete Upper Receivers


An upper receiver is the upper half of an AR style rifle which houses the bolt carrier group and charging handle as well as the hand-guard and barrel  which attach to the threaded front of the upper reciever. 

All these parts, including an ejection port dust cover and flash hider, together make a complete upper receiver. These components are also put together for you beforehand without need for any install on the consumer’s end. These are some of the most commonly changed parts on a rifle for customization.

Why Buy A Complete Upper Receiver?

There can be a serious risk to those building their own 80% AR-15s if they do not have the necessary tools and knowledge to properly install all the separate parts together. Even for those experienced working on firearms, you may just want to save yourself the time or effort, or save on tools.

For buyers not sure of which components to buy separately or if you’re not confident in installing all the parts together by yourself - complete upper receivers are a great option. Buying a completed upper receiver gives you the peace of mind that your firearm will flawlessly join your lower receiver and function normally.