80% Arms Frequently Asked Questions

What is the new ATF receiver rule?

The ATF announced in 2021 that they would be looking to redfine what is classified as a firearm. This was primarily aimed at 80 percent lower receivers and pistol frames. For more details, see our ATF Rule FAQs here.

Will I get this before it gets banned?

As it turns out, nothing has been banned just yet. 80 lowers are still completely legal, although there are some things being restricted by the ATF such as 80 lower jigs and instruction manuals. For more details, see our ATF Rule FAQs here.

Shipping Methods and Time

Orders are shipped using USPS Priority 3-5 business days or FedEx 2-Day shipping.

Which States are you currently shipping to?

We are shipping our products to all states in the U.S. except for the following:

California - No 80% AR Lowers, MOD1 Pistol Frames or GST-9 MOD1 Jigs

San Diego County (CA) -Unable to ship any items

Los Angeles City (CA) - Unable to ship any items

Oakland (CA) - Unable to ship any items

San Francisco (CA) - Unable to ship any items

Connecticut - Unable to ship any items

Hawaii - Unable to ship any items

Illinois - Unable to ship any items

Maryland - Unable to ship any items

New Jersey - Unable to ship any items

New York - Unable to ship any items

Rhode Island - Unable to ship any items

Washington (State) - No 80% AR Lowers, MOD1 Pistol Frames or GST-9 MOD1 Jigs

Washingon D.C. - Unable to ship any items

We do not ship high capacity magazine product to the following states: California, Colorado (15 Round Limit), Connecticut, Hawaii,Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Vermont (10 rounds for Long Guns, 15 rounds for Handguns).

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit, Debit, and Money Orders as payment options. If you would like to pay via money order, please send us an email with the items you are looking to purchase (and any relevant product options), your shipping address so that we can create our own internal order for you, and then we will provide you with the correct amount (including shipping and relevant taxes) to send to us. Upon receipt of the money order, we will then process your order and ship it out!

What does Manual Verification mean?

If your order status says "manual verification", this means that there is something on your order that we need to double check before shipping. You do not need to contact us regarding this since these exceptions are often system generated and resolve on their own. For example, the shipping address may need to be verified. We will reach out to you ASAP if any additional information is needed.

How can I check the status of my order?

You can check on the status of your order at any time by signing into your account! You can also view shipping information on most items in the product description. However, if you did not log into your account or enter a password during checkout, the order will not be linked to your account. You may give us a call or send us an email and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Please note, the status of products in your order can be found on the product pages. This is the fastest way to find out approximately how long it will be until you receive your products.

How can I be notified when an item is available again?

Please subscribe to our daily newsletter at the bottom of any page to be notified if an out of stock item is back in stock!

When will my card be charged?

We do charge your card to ensure your place in line, however, we also have a worry-free cancellation policy. If you change your mind before you receive your product, you can get your full money back. No hoops, no restocking charges, and no cancellation fees.

Where are you located?

We are located in Fort Worth, Texas. We operate around the clock machining your products, packaging them to ship out and fighting for your 2A rights. We're still in the middle of transitioning and getting our new headquarters setup so that we can properly expand our operational capacity and offer new products.

Is your showroom open?

Unfortunately, our showroom in California has been closed effective June 15, 2022 due to the increasingly hostile legal climate towards the firearms industry in California; we have decided to leave our home state for Fort Worth, Texas (which is where the new showroom will be located). Until the California legislature recognizes the harm they are doing to the individual freedoms of the average taxpayer, we don’t believe we would be serving the best interests of our customers and stakeholders by remaining in the state.

80% Build FAQs

Which 308 upper receivers fit your lowers?

Our 80% AR10 lower receivers are compatible with DPMS Gen1 upper receivers, AKA LR308. To learn more, check out our blog!

Do your AR9 lowers have last round bolt hold open function?

Our 80% AR9 lower receivers do not have the 'last round bolt hold open' function as they are designed to pair with upper receivers that do have that function. To learn more about LRBHO, check out our blog!

Contact Us

Reach us by email: support@80percentarms.com

Note: Out of stock will have an estimated shipment timeline listed on the description web page for that item. When your order ships, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. We operate 24 hours a day to ship orders as quickly as possible.