AR 10 & .308 Magazines

What is an AR10 Magazine?

An AR-10 magazine is what you’ll need if you are building an AR-10 80% lower. These magazines are larger in size than AR-15 magazines so don’t mistake them for being cross-compatible with the two different lower receivers. AR 10 magazines are designed to house AR10 calibers, specifically, the .308 Winchester and 7.62x51 NATO rounds.

Best AR10 Magazines

We carry the best AR10 magazine selections that will ensure reliable feeding and a few different options to suit different needs or applications. Get your AR 10 mags from Hexmag or PMAGs for Magpul today!

Why Choose AR10 PMAGs?

Having a self-built AR10 rifle is great but do you have equally good magazines for them? It may seem trivial but Magpul’s Pmags have largely replaced the aluminum USGI mags, and for good reason - They are some of the most reliable and versatile magazines on the market. PMags fit a wide variety of firearm platforms and their textured polymer design aids in better grip for smooth reloads. What’s not talked about as often is the consistent reliability of these magazines which can be attributed to the durable and constant shape of the feed lips which do not change whether the mag is loaded or unloaded. Steel or aluminum magazines, on the other hand, have feed lips that will inevitably deform over time from stress, wear and tear. Polymer has some natural give and flex to it which is why it is actually more durable and doesn’t change in shape.


Hexmags get their name for obvious reasons, their polymer bodies have an iconic polygonal pattern surrounding the exterior. The hexagonal texture also provides a more positive grip on the mag, especially with the weight of a fully loaded magazine. Our AR10 Hexmags will house .308 WIN and 7.62 NATO without a problem but please note that they are for the DPMS lower receiver pattern. If you’re not familiar, learn the difference between AR 10 & LR 308 patterns (DPMS vs Armalite) from our blog.

AR10 Steel Mags

AR 10 steel magazines will typically be able to hold .308 Winchester or 7.62 NATO rounds. If you are buying online the product’s title or description should clearly show this. While the AR10/AR308 platform can accommodate for a wide variety of calibers, if you are planning on using an alternative caliber you will more than likely need to buy a caliber specific magazine for it. AR10 steel mags usually come in either 5, 10 or 20 rounds.