AR 9 80% Lower Receivers


The AR-9 is exactly what it sounds like: an AR style rifle chambered to shoot in 9mm. Rather than use a 9mm handgun, many like to opt for the AR9 to have a pistol caliber carbine. A Pistol Caliber Carbine, or “PCC,” is a short, lightweight rifle chambered in any caliber typically found in handguns i.e. 9mm or .45 ACP.

AR9’s in particular have a lot of benefits as they have very low recoil, almost non-existent muzzle flash, and are extremely user friendly for beginners. For more experienced shooters they make a great choice for personal defense with their maneuverability.


We have the best 80% billets on the market and that goes for every caliber. Our 80% AR-9 lower receiver billets are meticulously CNC machined to the highest quality standards out of 6061 aluminum which are also used in the aerospace industry.

Remember, these 80% lower receivers are not completed parts which require you to do the last 20% of the work. That’s why 80 lowers are not considered firearms, and why why we’re able to ship them straight to your door!

80% Arms AR9 80 Lower

At 80 Percent Arms we highly value and believe in modularity. 

Once you’re ready, complete your AR-9 Build with our Easy Jig® Gen 3 which can help you build out other 80% lower receiver calibers as well!