AR 15 Grips


Commonly referred to as a “pistol grip,” AR-15 grips are exactly what they sound like - It’s the part for the shooting hand to grip onto in order to be able to fire your AR-15. We carry a wide variety of AR-15 grips because everyone has a different hand size and likes different grip styles and shapes. 

There are also “VFG’s” which stand for vertical-foregrip. These ergonomic accessories are placed beneath a rifle’s handguard rail which allows shooters to manipulate and maneuver their AR15 more effectively and comfortably. With new angles; palm swells; customized features, such as finger grooves; and better ergonomics, the AR-15 becomes easier to control and more accurate


If you’ve bought a lower parts kit recently, you might have noticed that it comes with a mil-spec A2 style grip. It’s a bit thin and isn’t the most comfortable thing to squeeze. 

That’s why we have a variety of popular options for you to choose from Magpul and Fab Defense. Having a more ergonomic AR-15 grip will enable you to move faster, hold onto your gun for longer periods of time and, (most importantly), have a cooler looking 80% lower than someone who uses a basic A2 grip!

Why Is Pistol Grip Important?

The reason target guns have a pistol grip is due to target shooters being willing to accept the weight and bulk of a pistol grip to maintain better control over a gun with the rear hand. Unless the shooter uses it for control, there is no point of a pistol grip. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Pistol Grip

An affordable price is not the only consideration in the purchasing decision. Be sure to check the overall quality of a pistol grip fitting your budget. Here are some other things to consider. 

Shooting Style

Those new to tactical firearms need to use the same stance as used when shooting sport rifles. They find themselves happy with an AR-2 style angle. Someone with more experience in tactical firearms finds a MOE Grip (Magpul Original Equipment) or MOE-K or SL model for smaller hands as an ergonomic design that combines storage core capacity and anti-slip texturing. 


Most AR pistol grips have a hollow body and forego over-molded rubberized grips. A skeletonized AR-15 grip is reliable without excess weight. 

Location of Residence

Certain areas of the country react to legislative pressure to limit the Second Amendment scope. The AR pistol grip is an offensive feature. Be sure an adopted grip is compliant with current laws where you live.


There are pistol grips to match choices of component colors. Magpul is widely known for having pistol grips and handguards available in many different colors such as black, FDE, pink and OD green. 

Extra features

When choosing a pistol grip, factor in durability, weight, and comfort. Everyone has a different response to the feel of each material. Rubber-coated grips are popular and provide a bit more substance than factory plastic. The Picatinny top rail has scalloped rail slots for style and comfort.