AR 15 Stocks


Commonly referred to as a “buttstock,” an AR-15 stock is the part that’s used to shoulder an AR-15. The part’s name can be interchangeably switched out with “stock” or “butt” in conversation as they all mean the same thing. Simply put, a stock is the back portion of a gun that provides  support for the weapon to help stabilize it when shooting.

We offer both fixed stocks and telescoping stocks! Fixed stocks can only be used in their set length whereas telescoping stocks can be used to adjust to multiple lengths which can help shooters adapt accordingly to their needs. 


Selecting an aftermarket stock is a great way to give your AR-15 a completely different look and feel. Every shooter is going to have their own preferences in terms of weight, length, design, or color… but some stocks have different purposes as well. 

For example, if you are building an AR-Pistol or short-barreled gun, the SB Tactical Stabilizing Brace is a great option to help you stay compliant for that! Or if you wanted to build an AR-15 with a DMR kind of style, the Fixed A2 Buttstock would be a good option for a precision oriented build.