AR 15 Stocks


Commonly referred to as a “buttstock,” an AR-15 stock is the part that’s used to shoulder an AR-15. The part’s name is often interchangeably switched between “stock” or “butt” in conversation but they both mean the same thing. Simply put, a stock is the rear portion of a gun that is pressed into your shoulder to provide support for the weapon for stabilizing it when shooting.

We offer both fixed stocks and telescoping stocks! Fixed stocks can only be used in their set length whereas telescoping stocks can be used to adjust to different lengths which can help shooters adapt accordingly to their needs. Retractable stocks are also more convenient when traveling with firearms as they make it easier to stow the gun in a smaller bag or case.


Selecting an aftermarket stock is a great way to give your AR-15 a completely different look and feel. Every shooter is going to have their own preferences in terms of weight, length, design, or color… but some stocks have different purposes as well. 

For example, if you are building an AR-Pistol or short-barreled gun, the SB Tactical Stabilizing Brace is a great option to help you stay compliant for that! Or if you wanted to build an AR-15 with a DMR kind of style, the Fixed A2 Buttstock would be a good option for a precision oriented build. 

AR15 Magpul Stocks

We carry several options from Magpul because we believe that they offer the highest quality for the best prices compared to any other brand on the market. Choose the Magpul stock that works best for you and your desired applications whether that’s vehicular or home defense, competition, or long distance shooting. As an additional bonus, these products can double as AR10 stocks as well because they are cross compatible between the AR15 and AR10.

Fixed Stock vs Adjustable Stock

Based on your AR15 rifle’s intended use, you should consider whether a fixed or an adjustable stock would better suit your purposes.

Fixed Stocks

Fixed stocks can get a bet rap these days, namely, because of some states like California and their incessant need to require civilians to use solely these stocks in order to remain “compliant” with their standards of what doesn’t constitute as an “assault weapon.” In reality, AR15 fixed stocks can be used very well in a few specific ways to benefit the user. Say you’re shooting longer distance shots or simply with an optic with a very specific eye relief distance. Having a fixed stock also takes the guesswork out of where to place your cheek on the butt stock every time so you can align your sight more consistently. No need to play with the length settings ever, saving time and having one less thing to worry about.

Adjustable Stocks

It’s really nice that today adjustable AR15 stocks are incredibly plentiful in designs and availability. It used to be that civilians really only had a few different types they could buy and that was it. Now, we have numerous designs from countless companies and depending on what you’re looking for you may like one style over another. The beauty of an adjustable AR 15 stock is that you can adjust the length of the stock to suit your preference. For some it can be one of those “set it and forget it” kind of deals, for others it might be the convenience of being able to store the rifle more compactly but still be able to have the ability to set the stock at a preferred length.

Buffer Tubes

There are a few types of buffer tubes which will work for different types of stocks. We have mil-spec, commercial and rifle length buffer tubes. To see the difference explained for mil-spec vs commercial buffer tubes see our blog about that. Essentially, stick with mil-spec buffer tubes and if you get a rifle length buffer tube, you’ll have to specifically get a fixed stock for it.