AR 10 & 308 Stocks

AR 10 & 308 Stocks

When buying AR10 stocks from 80 Percent Arms, you can buy with peace of mind because we only carry authentic products from the original manufacturer. Watch out for knock-offs and replicas on other websites!

As far as AR 10 parts and accessories go, the stock can really complete the look of your rifle because it gives it as much character as it does inform what roles or purpose it was intended for. Will you choose something long and ergonomic for precision shooting? Or will you choose something short and versatile to suit a wider variety of scenarios? No matter which AR10 stock you choose, make sure to do your research prior and to buy only quality products.

What is an AR-10 stock?

Commonly referred to as a “buttstock,” an AR10 stock is the part that’s used to shoulder an AR-10 rifle. While the part’s name is often interchangeably switched between “butt” or “stock” in conversation, they both refer to the same thing. Essentially, a stock is the rear portion of a gun that’s pressed into the shoulder to provide support for stabilizing the weapon when shooting.

In most cases, an AR10 stock will be completely compatible with an AR15 as well but there are some models that are specific to not necessarily the AR10 platform, but rifle length buffer tubes. These stocks are better suited for the AR10 when there is a rifle length buffer tube to accommodate longer stocks designed for long distance, precision type shooting.

Why choose these AR 10 stocks?

Selecting an aftermarket AR 10 stock is a great way to give your rifle a personalized look and feel. Every shooter is going to have their own preferences regarding color, weight, length or style. Some stocks have more functional purposes than others as well.

For example, if you plan on building a rifle that will primarily be used in close quarters then you might want a lighter and minimalist stock to better maneuver it around objects and corners. Say you plan on shooting some large rifle calibers over long distances, then you might be looking at a precision style buttstock like the Magpul PRS Precision Adjustable Stock.

Precision AR 308 Stock

If you’re in need of something to really help your accuracy and precision, look for a longer style stock that comes with an adjustable cheek riser and or butt pad. Having the additional length may require using a rifle buffer but with a longer AR 308 stock and adjustable functions, you’re able to withstand more severe recoil impact from larger calibers and get that perfect eye relief with your scope while resting on the cheek pad.

Classic AR 308 Stock

A classic AR 308 stock is going to look like something straight from the Vietnam War or the Gulf War. If you’re going for that look, look for a mil-spec A2 rifle AR10 buttstock for it to fit on your .308 rifle.

Fixed vs Adjustable Stocks

Fixed stocks can get a bet rap these days, namely, because of some states like California and their incessant need to require civilians to use solely these stocks in order to remain “compliant” with their standards of what doesn’t constitute as an “assault weapon.” In reality, AR 10 fixed stocks can be used very well in a few specific ways to benefit the user. Say you’re shooting longer distance shots or simply with an optic with a very specific eye relief distance. Having a fixed stock also takes the guesswork out of where to place your cheek on the butt stock every time so you can align your sight more consistently. No need to play with the length settings ever, saving time and having one less thing to worry about.

Upgrade Your AR10 Stock today!

We carry several stock options from Magpul because we believe that they offer the highest quality for the best prices compared to any other brand on the market. Choose the Magpul stock that works best for you and your desired applications whether that’s vehicular or home defense, competition, or long distance shooting. As an additional bonus, these products can double as AR10 stocks as well because they are cross compatible between the AR15 and AR10.