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2A Newsletter: August 13th

80 Percent Arms   |   Aug 12th 2021

Everytown For Gun Safety Is Recruiting and Grooming Gun Violence Survivors to Run For Public Offices

Every gun owner should be acutely aware of Everytown For Gun Safety. They are an anti-gun organization that tramples on the 2nd Amendright right of every American and in their latest antics they’ve launched a program which aims to train gun violence survivors and victims to run for office and work on campaigns supporting their “gun safety” agenda. $3 million dollars has already been allocated for the training of 200 volunteers for the 2021-22 cycle but will continually pave the way for additional recruits going forward up until the year 2024.

As gun owners, recreational shooters, competitors, and hunters — a lot of us like to keep to ourselves, and for good reason, because maybe that’s kind of our nature or what current society has made us to be. No one wants to get publicly doxxed, canceled or even worse… illegitimately red-flagged. But now is not the time to be a lone wolf. If you haven’t commented against the ATF’s new proposed rule for redefining what a firearm or frame is, please do so. If you haven’t commented against the ATF’s new proposed ban on pistol braces, please do so!

A stick alone can break quite easily. But a bundle of branches is impossible to break. We need to become a louder (but remain respectful) and stronger community. To that end we highly recommend you join a gun rights community that will keep you up to date with what’s going on in your local political sphere and what’s going on at the national level. Gun Owners of America is a great choice; find your own state’s rifle-pistol association; or subscribe and donate to the Firearms Policy Coalition which is constantly fighting for our 2A rights. There are lots of ways to fight back against asinine gun control but it starts with being educated and aware of what’s going on.

The Brady Campaign Partners With Mexico In Lawsuit Against US Gun Manufacturers

Building off of when we first mentioned the lawsuit Mexico has filed against US gun manufacturers on the East Coast — it was kind of funny at first, but now the Brady Campaign (another pro-gun control group) has allied itself with the Mexican government in their lawsuit. This puts a really bad taste in our mouths.

An American activist organization partnering with a foreign entity to forward their lobbying efforts? That is ridiculously alarming and just shows how far the gun control lobby is detached from American traditions and values. It shows how one side of the political spectrum cares more about money, power (political influence), and virtue signaling over real concerns of the average American.

The lawsuit is demanding a reparation of $10 billion dollars for inflicted damages and losses from the US gun manufacturers… Ironic, no? Mexico themselves harbor a host of human rights issues including human trafficking, forced disappearances and torture, cruel prison conditions that are largely life threatening, activity of illegal armed groups and their arbitary killings. According to a Mexican organization, INEGI, (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) they report as much as 94% of crimes go unreported or without investigation. How is it that American companies should be financially held responsible for what Mexican officials are incapable of doing themselves? We’ll be keeping track of this developing story and lawsuit so stay tuned.

Biden Administration Moves Ahead Without Chipman, ATF To Utilize Sketchy Data Analytics

We understand that at this point all things “David Chipman” can be exhausting to hear about as it sounds like a broken record. The reality is that Chipman’s vote is constantly looming above our heads and we don’t know when his official vote will be held. But, this is a good sign. It means that there’s enough doubt on both sides of the aisle in the Senate that there isn’t enough confidence for Chipman to be successfully voted through to become the new ATF Director, which is why the vote is continually stalled or delayed.

Heck, even the Biden Administration is tired of waiting so they went ahead with Biden’s so-called strategy of “confronting gun violence.” The move started when Biden released his “5-point strategy” in a press conference on June 23rd but the National Shooting Sports Foundation recently obtained a copy of an internal ATF memo which refers to that 5-point strategy.

The memo calls on field agents to prioritize their FFL/gun store inspections more by using a data tool which can track firearms sold by a specific dealer and link it to when some of those guns are found to be later used in crimes within a certain time period between the time of sale and when the crime was committed. The memo goes on to call out “rogue gun dealers,” as mentioned by Biden, who he sees as responsible for the proliferation of increasing crimes involving guns.

The main concern: NSSF immediately alerted its member when learning about this memo due to the concern that the ATF would begin harming the gun industry by revoking licenses just because of minor clerical errors. It is also worrisome that “the ATF would be using data analytics for crimes committed by unrelated third parties to attempt to draw conclusions from time-to-time stats to label lawful retailers as party to criminal activity.” Gun manufacturers are currently in the target sights of gun grabbers but it looks like local dealers across the country are next on the chopping block.


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