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2A Newsletter: February 12th

80 Percent Arms   |   Feb 12th 2021

White House Press Secretary says Gun Control is Coming

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated Tuesday during a press conference that she would love to see action on Gun Control after being asked about gun-control measures. She also states ‘Biden has an ambitious plan in a lot of areas that he is personally committed to’ and that ‘we would love to see action on additional gun-safety measures’. 

One of the measures she mentioned was creating a registry of gun owners, which has come up several times in the preceding months since the election. 

Biden has always been an outspoken supporter of gun-control, and outlined several plans from a new Assault Weapons Ban, to a firearms excise tax, to banning 80% lowers. It was also mentioned that the administration may be waiting for a catalytic event before bringing the gun control date up again. A very clear sign that they plan to use tragedy to further their agenda, so that it will be more well received by the public during an emotional time.

Biden Meets with 3 Major Gun Control Groups to Discuss 80% Lower BAN

After meeting with the White House on Wednesday, Gun Control groups are confident and expect to see substantive action from Biden being taken to ban 80% lower receivers. Leaders of various gun control groups such as Giffords, Brady, Every Town for Gun Safety, and Mom’s Demand action met with Susan Rice (leader of the White House Domestic Policy Council) and Cedar Richmond (director of the White House Office of Public Engagement). 

During this meeting, they discussed the following topics, violence intervention programs, background checks, and banning 80% lower receivers. Shortly after the meeting, Peter Ambler, who is the executive director of the Giffords, made the following statement “President Biden is committed to taking executive action and working with Congress to put in place reforms that will keep this country’s kids and communities safe. And today’s meeting was a strong affirmation of that commitment”.

It’s becoming very clear that this administration is certainly gearing up for an attack on the 2nd Amendment. While the first month of Biden’s Presidency has been largely consumed with getting his cabinet confirmed and dealing with the ongoing Pandemic, as well as a slew of executive orders (the most in history in such a short time), the gun control agenda has certainly not been forgotten.


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