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2A Newsletter: July 2nd

80 Percent Arms   |   Jul 1st 2021

FBI failed to complete over 316k background checks in 2020 for gun purchases

FiveThirtyEight, an online American news source, has just released an exposé on the growing problem of more people buying guns and fewer people receiving background checks. As we all know, 2020 was a historic and record breaking year for gun sales. What’s not as commonly known is how many people received their firearm purchases and were able to take their guns home without their background check being completed by the FBI even after filling out their 4473 Form.

How is this possible? Typically, if you go to any gun store (FFL) and start the dealer record of sale process (DROS) a quick background check could be completed via a computer with fast internet connection in a matter of minutes. The problem is when there is a flag or more information is needed. An example of this could be if a John Smith was trying to buy a gun in the same county where a different John Smith had committed and been convicted of a felony — the FBI might want to confirm which John Smith is actually trying to make the purchase.

In states that do not have mandatory waiting periods to go with background checks, there is a legal stipulation that if the FBI doesn’t render a decision or complete the background check within their allotted time (usually 3 business days) then the buyer is allowed to take the gun home after that point. The FBI is actually given a period of 90 days to investigate and do their research; however, they delete their files by day 88 just to be safe. If the FBI later on discovers that the buyer wasn’t allowed to legally own a gun, the ATF is then notified to retrieve the firearm.

Within the first nine month of 2020, 316,912 background checks were unfinished and deleted. On an average year, the FBI apparently deletes up to 202,000 background checks that were incomplete. Because of the policy that requires the FBI to delete their files, there’s no way to tell how many of those buyers were actually eligible or not to purchase or own a gun.

Anti-Gunners Target Filibuster To Open Gun Control Floodgates

The overall long-term trajectory for gun ownership in the United States is pointing upwards and the anti-gunners do not have a clear strategy. This is why the Democrats are trying to rid the Senate of the filibuster which is currently preventing any major gun control legislation to be passed. “One uncompleted check is a problem but 316,000 uncompleted checks is a systemic failure of an already overburdened system (referring to NICS).” - Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) (AKA anti-gunner on Senate Judiciary Committee).

AOC Hypocrisy: "Security for Me, but not for Thee"

Recently, there have been some shooting incidents in New York right in the backyard of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district that she represents which she has casually brushed off as hysteria causing more hysteria. She’s caught significant flak for it from both sides of the aisle and her constituents; rightfully so.

A tourist in Times Square was shot in broad daylight in front of a Marriott Hotel. In a separate event, a gangster was captured on video attempting to murder his target who was with two children, also in broad daylight, on a sidewalk in the Bronx. It is a miracle that all parties including the children walked away from the Bronx shooting mostly unscathed.

AOC has been a staunch supporter of the “Defund the police” movement and represents the Bronx and Westchester communities in New York. Representative Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) who represents Staten Island and Brooklyn and many others have blasted her as a hypocrite that can easily mock ordinary people as ‘hysterical’ who have to worry about violent crime in their neighborhoods when comparatively, she herself pays for thousands of dollars for private security services. Since the start of 2021, AOC has reportedly spent $25,000 on “security” costs. AOC has been quoted saying “there’s a need to look at these numbers in context so that we can make responsible decisions.”

Pushback Against Biden Gun Control Agenda

When it comes to gun control speeches, Biden just seems not able to help himself. Last month Biden had some pretty entertaining, but at the same time concerning, quotables from his June 23rd remarks on gun crime prevention such as; the “AFT” actually being the “ATF” now, or distorting historical context by saying “the tree of liberty is not watered with the blood of patriots.” Somehow, the president was trying to make the point that “there has always been the ability to limit — rationally limit the type of weapon that can be owned and who can own it.”

Ironically, Politifact was pretty quick on the gun here in fact-checking Biden and refuting that this statement was in fact FALSE. “The Second Amendment limited government power, not the rights of individuals. Laws at the time that limited firearm ownership were primarily racist, aimed at controlling Black people and Native Americans.” Politifact continued, “Broadly, gun regulation came decades after passage of the Second Amendment when gun technology changed. The first national gun regulation law did not rely on the Second Amendment.”

Even if the press corps has been lobbing softballs at the president, it’s encouraging to see major institutions and media outlets fact check him from both sides of the political aisle. At what point do you think Biden’s nose will start to grow longer? Biden also claimed that the average person back then could not buy a cannon which is well documented in being false. Heck, try telling Iraq Veteran 8888 that. While you’re at it, the next time your life is in danger make sure to just “shoot your attacker in the leg.” 


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