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2A Newsletter: July 30th

80 Percent Arms   |   Jul 29th 2021

Remington Offers $33 Million Settlement to Sandy Hook Victims’ Families

Correction: Vehicle used in 2017 Charlottesville protest was a Dodge Challenger, not a Ford Mustang but the point stands: no automaker is getting sued for criminals committing crimes with their cars. 

After a nine years of legal battle, some of the victims’ families from the 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre are deliberating over a $33 million settlement offer from Remington Arms. The case had been approved to be reviewed by the Supreme Court in 2019 and is scheduled to go to court soon as the jury selection is set to begin this September.

While this development may initially come as a shock for those of us in the 2A community, there are a few factors that this news comes down to: First, the judge in charge of this case denied Remington’s request to dismiss the lawsuit. Second, the wrongful death settlements on the plaintiff’s side was demanding $225 million and with other punitive claims the damages were expected to potentially exceed $1 billion. To top that all off, Remington is bankrupt. They have filed Chapter 11 twice in only the past three years. If Remington decided to “fight this to the grave” they’d be leaving their fates up to a jury, which is understandable as to why they would not want to take that chance.

Make no mistake, the victims’ families deserve compensation. But the person responsible for that mass shooting is dead. The parent of that person is also dead. The victims’ families may say that this is about justice or societal change but in the end this is really about money. There is no money in going after the people that raised the murderer, only in going after the manufacturer. If this was the “correct” course of action, then why didn’t Dodge get a class action lawsuit for a Challenger owner driving his car into a group of protestors during a 2017 protest in Charlottesville?

Veterans and GOP Leaders Pushback Against New Pistol Brace Ban

It’s nice for the Biden Administration to be catching some flak regarding their stance on gun control for once. GOP leaders and veterans have come out slamming Biden for “punishing veterans, imposing high fines unaffordable to underprivileged people and government overreach.”

The ATF is framing the pistol brace as a loophole citizens are utilizing to curtail the SBR designation for their rifles avoiding NFA regulation and the extra tax stamp. In reality, there is a substantial group of vets who utilize the pistol brace as a means of being able confidently use a firearm in lieu of missing fingers or the strength to do so without a brace otherwise. Ignoring this fact is a disservice to those who sacrificed their own bodies and lives in their military service for us.

If the ATF’s new pistol brace ban (2021R-08) is passed, current owners of AR-Pistols would be subject to the $200 NFA tax stamp, a long investigation not to mention hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens becoming felons overnight. Join us in commenting against the “Factoring Criteria for Firearms with Attached ‘Stabilizing Braces’” before the deadline on September 8th, 2021!

Facebook Censors and Shuts Down Michigan 2A Sanctuary Movement

In the latest escalation of Facebook and tech giants’ vendetta against anyone disagreeing with the government — following the arrest of several people which the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force suspected of conspiring to kidnap Michigan’s state governor, FB shut down a public page called “Michigan’s Second Amendment Sanctuary” without any warning. Almost 100,000 users were kicked off the page and even administrators of the public page were punished with their private accounts getting shut down as well.

A spokesperson from FB claimed after the fact that the page violated the tech company’s policy on “militarized social movements” even though the group had nothing to do with the conspiracy against Michigan’s state government. What’s more, is that BuzzFeed News released a scathing exposé which revealed that the whole plot was planned and supported by undercover FBI agents.

This is what we’re up against folks. Tech companies that get to define the 1st Amendment, and an administration sanctioning some whackjob operations in the name of “fighting domestic terrorism.” Stay frosty out there friends, and uh, watch what you post on social media… including your “private” chats.


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