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2A Newsletter: June 25th

80 Percent Arms   |   Jun 24th 2021

Biden Signals Crackdown on Gun Dealers?

On Wednesday, Biden flexed his efforts to curb gun violence in a speech that addressed gun dealers that “willfully violate key existing laws and regulations.” We’re not sure what the president was specifically addressing but it really felt more like a dig towards the ATF for their flippant inspections that allowed illegal firearms trafficking.

Biden once again advocated for reinstituting a federal assault weapons ban in response to the increase in homicides and gun assaults over the past year but what we’d like to see is how much of those statistics can be attributed to the civil unrest that affected the nation for the latter half of 2020? As COVID-19 is seemingly coming to a close in the United States, the Biden Administration seems to be setting their sights on the “gun violence epidemic” that is supposedly plaguing our country.

To Reddit, Biden is just the meme gift that keeps on giving. His newest faux pas, saying that “if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.” Tell that to the Viet Cong in the 1960s, or the mob that “almost toppled the government” on January 6th.

Chipman Vote For ATF Director Is a Tie! (11-11) What’s next?

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote is out and it’s a tie of 11-11. Subsequently, the vote will be moving forward before the whole U.S. Senate to be voted on. In order for Chipman to be confirmed as ATF Director, a majority vote would have to be in his favor. In the event of another tie vote, the Vice President Harris would vote to break it. We can safely assume that she would vote for Chipman.  So it’s not over yet, call and write to your senators letting them know that you oppose David Chipman’s nomination for ATF Director!

Remember, the comment period for the ATF's new proposed rule to redefine what a “frame” or “receiver” is still open and there is less than 2 months left. Please band together with the rest of the 2A community and leave a comment to make your voice heard in that you oppose the ATF’s 2021R-05!

9th Circuit Court Stays Miller v. Bonta Ruling

Although upsetting, it did not come as a surprise to find out that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the injunction to stay the Miller v. Bonta case’s ruling from federal Judge Roger T. Benitez. This effectively blocks enforcement of Judge Benitez’s ruling which stated the California “Assault Weapons Ban” is unconstitutional and would have been officially repealed on July 4th this year. 

The 9th Circuit is made up of anti-gunners who continually trample on the constitution and treat the 2nd Amendment as a second class right. Hopefully, the case gets heard by the Supreme Court. To keep up to date with this important case, follow further developments in Miller v. Bonta from the Firearms Policy Coalition.


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