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2A Newsletter: March 19th

80 Percent Arms   |   Mar 19th 2021

Delaware Bill Banning 80%’s Clears House Committee

Disguised as a ‘preventative measure, this Tuesday, a Delaware proposal to ban 80% lower receivers was cleared by a Democratic-led committee for consideration by the full house. This bill is cosponsored by a total of eight Newark legislators and it’s also backed by pro-gun control advocates such as Mom’s Demand Action, Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence.

House Bill 277 will not only make it a felony to own or manufacture an 80% build, it will also prohibit the sale or possession of an unfinished frame. If you already own an 80% or a 80% build in this state, you will have 90 days to comply with this bill and serialize your frame.

This bill is identical to the 3 previous bills the Delaware democratic lawmakers tried to pass last year that would have banned certain semi-auto weapons, high-cap mags and required a permit and training course to purchase a gun. Senate President David McBride stated that these bills may get voted on again but wont get a floor vote unless enough senators come out and say that they will vote yes.

Nevada Introduces Bill to Ban 80%’s

Following in the footsteps of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, Nevada is now looking to ban 80% 's as a selling point to gain more tourism in the state. Las Vegas Democratic Assembly woman Sandra Jauregui stated “In a post-covid world, we know we need to show visitors and residents alike that we are a place where you can forget about your problems, not come to find more. We know we need every selling point we can get to get our tourism back economy on track.”

Assembly Bill 286 received its first hearing in the Assembly Judiciary committee this Wednesday. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department testified neutral on the bill and they didn't have any data on the prevalence of ghost guns in its jurisdiction. This bill would not only ban the shipment or ownership of 80%'s but it would also implement a criminal penalty for bringing guns onto private property where they are banned. 

The proposed legislation continues gun-reform efforts made by Democratic lawmakers to target the purchase and manufacture of 80% lowers.

Obama Demands 'Common Sense Gun Safety Laws'

An old nemesis came out of the woodworks this Wednesday to speak about gun control. Former president Barack Obama made a call for tougher gun control, stating that we have continued to neglect the longer-lasting epidemic of Gun Violence in America and that ‘we’ have work to do to put common sense gun safety laws in place.

Even though he is one of the most anti-gun presidents in history, Obama actually did very little to act on gun violence which he claims to care about so much. His record on gun control is fairly weak during both of his terms, only two laws were signed by Obama and neither placed additional restrictions on gun owners. Remember, it is always important to check on someone's actions vs what they say- especially in politics.

Thankfully, Obama isn't in office anymore so he won't be able to take action on this topic. Although, Biden is in office and has a record of voting on anti-2A legislation that ends up getting passed. 


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