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2A Newsletter: September 10th

80 Percent Arms   |   Sep 9th 2021

White House Finally Pulls Chipman Nomination for ATF Director

In a pleasant turn of events, the White House has officially withdrawn Biden’s nomination of David Chipman to lead the ATF as Director. We are very pleased with this result and see this as a community-won effort in expressing all of our distaste for Chipman’s multiple public faux pas in disrespecting the 2nd Amendment for not just the past 5 months, but his entire professional career. Republican opposition in the Senate was also instrumental in undermining Chipman’s nomination so be sure to write to your representatives and thank them for upholding their end of the bargain in serving you, their constituents.

But who’s next? Is there someone else the White House has their eyes on for a new tap to the contentious position of ATF Director? Apparently, there is. Anonymous sources have confirmed that Senator Angus King of Maine was a large deciding factor in withdrawing Chipman’s nomination. Senator King is listed as an independent but has generally voted alongside Democrats so it will be interesting to see how this news develops as the White House has currently declined to comment on the subject for now.

The ATF Comment Period for Stabilizing Braces Has Ended. What’s next?

This the second time the ATF has tried to ban stabilizing braces ( 2021R-08) which, if passed, would criminalize millions of law abiding citizens overnight. Now that the most recent comment period on the Federal Register website has ended this week... What should we expect to happen next? Well, just as the comment period for (2021R-05) the ATF’s proposed rule for redefining what a ‘frame or receiver’ is, in their effort to ban 80 percents, has also ended we have to wait and see what the federal Department of Justice ultimately decides on doing. Will the ATF back off and flip flop as they’ve often been doing the past few years? We certainly hope so. But we’ll keep an eye out for you and update our readership as soon as we find out.

Biden to Back UN Gun Registration Treaty

A new Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) from the United Nations has come into the limelight but actually, it’s not so new. The multilateral treaty was designed to regulate international trade in conventional weapon sales and has been in effect since 2014. Since the treaty was initially ratified, 110 nations have signed on and 32 nations have not. In 2019, Trump withdrew from the treaty and stated that “We will never surrender America’s sovereignty to an unelected, unaccountable, global bureaucracy.”

Now that Biden is the sitting president, he is looking to reverse course and rejoin the treaty which has pro gun rights advocacy groups severely concerned — the Deputy Director of the Conventional Arms Threat Reduction in the Department of State, William Malzahn, stated as much at the most recent ATT conference that the Biden/Harris Administration would be releasing an updated “CAT” Policy which would potentially have consequences for American gun owners. The UN has very loose terminology used in the ATT which has us wondering if this is intended to be the beginning of an international gun registry. We wouldn’t put it past Biden and the powers that be to want this as the president has also been aggressively seeking to overturn current laws to create a new legal precedent which would allow firearm manufacturers to be sued when criminals use their products to commit crimes. Stay tuned and sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay up to date with this developing story and our 2A News coverage.


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