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2A Newsletter Week of June 14th

80 Percent Arms   |   Jun 14th 2024

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Congratulations to Michael Cargill and NCLAlegal for their landmark Supreme Court victory on Friday!  The Supreme Court has overturned former President Trump's bump stock ban in a decisive 6-3 ruling, declaring that the ATF overstepped its authority with the rule. Justice Thomas penned the influential opinion. This decision marks a crucial step forward for individual rights, the Second Amendment, and the integrity of our government.

Justice Thomas, in the 6-3 decision on bump stocks (Cargill v. Garland), highlights a key point about semiautomatic firearms. “This case asks whether a bump stock—an accessory for a semiautomatic rifle that enables rapid trigger re-engagement for a high rate of fire—converts the rifle into a 'machinegun.' We hold that it does not,” wrote Justice Clarence Thomas in the majority opinion, joined by all five of the Court’s other conservative justices.

Additionally, the dissent by Sotomayor, Kagan, and Jackson will significantly impact AR-15 ban cases. They stated that the AR15 is a "commonly available, semiautomatic rifle.” This admission suggests AR-15s are "in common use" and cannot be banned under Heller/Bruen.

Today’s ruling will make it more challenging to implement new gun restrictions through administrative action, as the Supreme Court has reaffirmed that old policies can't be simply applied to modern gun debates.

Additionally, the Court's declaration that the ATF overstepped its authority with the bump stock rule gives us hope in our lawsuit (Van Der Stock vs. Garland) against the ATF's frame and receiver rule. This ruling could set a precedent that strengthens our case, emphasizing the need for proper legislative processes rather than administrative overreach.

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Biden's Gun Control Push Amid Hunter's Conviction Highlights Double Standards

Joe Biden delivered a frantic gun control speech shortly after his son, Hunter Biden, was convicted of a gun-related charge. This juxtaposition has put the President in an awkward position, revealing the double standards at the heart of his administration's anti-Second Amendment agenda.

President Biden's recent gun control speech, delivered mere hours after his son's conviction, was nothing short of desperate. He passionately reiterated his administration's commitment to stringent gun control measures, pushing for laws that would infringe upon the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and carry firearms. Biden once again called for a ban on assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and universal background checks, painting a grim picture of gun violence in America all while glossing over the importance of the Second Amendment.

However, his credibility is undermined by several significant blunders:

  • Falsely claimed he was a professor at UPenn.
  • Incorrectly stated he taught a constitutional law class on the Second Amendment.
  • Misrepresented historical facts, saying you couldn't own a cannon when the Second Amendment was implemented.
  • Struggled to accurately say the phrase "the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots."
  • Asserted that Americans would need F-15s to resist a tyrannical government.
  • Incorrectly claimed the firearm industry is the only industry with immunity.
  • Stated that guns kill more children than car accidents and cancer combined, which is not true.
  • Misnamed the federal agency responsible for gun control as the AFT. (again)

Despite these blunders, Biden touted his administration's achievements in reducing crime, citing new FBI data showing a drop in violent crime and murder rates. He also highlighted recent legislative changes, such as making gun trafficking a federal crime and strengthening background checks for individuals under 21.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on 80% lowers. With the gun grabbers and commie mommies pushing for stricter laws, these 80% lower receivers let you build your own firearms without the need for serial numbers or federal registration, giving you more control over your personal firearms.

Recent data from Pew Research provides insight into what gun control supporters expect from a Biden re-election. They anticipate even more aggressive measures, including bans on certain types of firearms and increased regulation. However, this data also shows a significant portion of the American population is deeply opposed to these measures, valuing their Second Amendment rights and understanding the importance of self-defense.

As gun owners, hunters, and defenders of American freedom, we can't afford to sit on the sidelines anymore. Nearly 10 million of us aren't registered to vote, and that's unacceptable.We need to get involved and make a change. Registering to vote is easy. Talk to your friends, ask for help, and make sure your voice is heard!

Here are the numbers of hunters and gun owners who are not registered to vote in each state:

  • Alaska: 16,855
  • Alabama: 25,124
  • Arkansas: 29,827
  • Arizona: 133,506
  • California: 535,045
  • Colorado: 147,148
  • District of Columbia: 5,794
  • Delaware: 26,871
  • Florida: 69,971
  • Georgia: 35,819
  • Hawaii: 13,090
  • Iowa: 136,137
  • Idaho: 111,421
  • Illinois: 35,557
  • Indiana: 21,313
  • Kansas: 12,551
  • Kentucky: 214,999
  • Louisiana: 17,739
  • Massachusetts: 113,114
  • Maryland: 125,189
  • Maine: 6,617
  • Michigan: 37,619
  • Minnesota: 26,159
  • Missouri: 281,000
  • Mississippi: 172,173
  • Montana: 52,233
  • North Carolina: 37,400
  • North Dakota: 48,219
  • Nebraska: 82,200
  • New Hampshire: 56,580
  • New Jersey: 166,563
  • New Mexico: 51,641
  • Nevada: 59,873
  • New York: 324,195
  • Ohio: 625,000
  • Oregon: 137,953
  • Pennsylvania: 277,508
  • Rhode Island: 16,028
  • South Carolina: 229,423
  • South Dakota: 43,493
  • Tennessee: 311,000
  • Texas: 663,988
  • Utah: 121,122
  • Virginia: 277,900
  • Wyoming: 38,540

    These numbers serve as a wake-up call for all of us. It's time to get moving and reduce these figures. We're the reason America remains free, and we need to vote to keep it that way. Click here to ensure you are registered to vote and participate in upcoming elections. Your voice is crucial in the fight against tyranny.

  • Adding to the complexity, Hunter Biden's legal team is appealing his conviction on the grounds that current gun laws are too restrictive and infringe upon constitutional rights. This appeal places President Biden in a difficult position: while he publicly champions stricter gun control, his son's legal defense hinges on the argument that such laws are overreaching and unconstitutional. The hypocrisy is glaring and cannot be ignored.

    The Biden administration's push for gun control, while his son fights for his own gun rights, highlights a stark double standard. For the Biden family, gun control laws are something to be imposed on the public, not something they should be subjected to themselves. This inconsistency undermines the credibility of their entire argument and exposes the true nature of their agenda: control over the populace, not genuine concern for public safety.

    As Second Amendment advocates, we must remain vigilant and vocal in opposing these double standards and protecting our rights. The hypocrisy displayed by President Biden should serve as a wake-up call to all Americans: the fight for our constitutional rights is more crucial than ever. We must hold our leaders accountable and ensure that our freedoms are preserved for future generations.

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    FBI and ATF Target Lawful Gun Owners: FBI Director Responds to Sen. Heinrich on Ghost Guns

    During a recent hearing to review the FY25 Budget Request for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about the impact of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act on reducing gun violence. Heinrich zeroed in on ghost guns, privately manufactured firearms that lack serial numbers and are therefore difficult to trace.

    During the discussion, FBI Director Wray emphasized the FBI's close coordination with the ATF in seizing ghost guns during investigations. In reality, the enforcers at the FBI depend on the regulatory overreach of the ATF to confiscate your guns. This partnership exemplifies how these agencies collaborate to infringe upon your Second Amendment rights and target law-abiding gun owners.

    Privately manufactured firearms, commonly known in the media as ‘ghost guns’, are a testament to American ingenuity and the right to bear arms. These firearms allow individuals to exercise their Second Amendment rights without excessive government oversight. The ability to create a firearm at home fosters a sense of self-reliance and independence, values that are foundational to American identity.

    Moreover, privately manufactured firearms are like any other firearm, their safety and legality depend on the user's intent and behavior. Responsible gun owners who manufacture their own guns are often meticulous about gun safety and legality. They are hobbyists and enthusiasts who take pride in crafting their own firearms.

    Politicians and government agencies like the ATF also often lump ghost guns with stolen firearms that have had their serial numbers scratched off. This conflation is misleading and unfairly stigmatizes lawful gun owners. Stolen firearms with obliterated serial numbers are a product of criminal activity, not the responsible craftsmanship of law-abiding citizens. By merging these two categories, anti-gun advocates skew statistics to paint an alarming but inaccurate picture of privately manufactured firearms.

    The argument that ‘ghost guns’ undermine the background check process also misses the mark. Criminals, by definition, do not follow the law. Restricting the rights of lawful gun owners does nothing to deter those with malicious intent. Instead, it places undue burdens on those who wish to exercise their constitutional rights responsibly.

    By emphasizing the dangers of 'ghost guns' and advocating for more regulation, anti-gun politicians and bureaucrats leverage isolated incidents to push a broader agenda of gun control. This strategy not only threatens the rights of gun owners but also fails to address the root causes of violent crime. The focus should be on enforcing the existing 20,000+ laws at the state, local, and federal levels and targeting actual criminals, rather than imposing more restrictions on lawful gun owners.

    Increasingly scrutinizing privately manufactured firearms is part of a larger pattern of efforts to chip away at Second Amendment rights. Each new regulation or piece of legislation that targets firearms, whether traditional or homemade, is a step towards a more controlled and restricted environment for gun enthusiasts and manufacturers. The gun community must remain vigilant and vocal in opposing these measures, ensuring that our rights are not eroded by fear-mongering and misplaced priorities.

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    YouTube's Silencing Firearm Enthusiasts and Demonizing the Gun Industry

    YouTube's latest policy update is yet another assault on the Second Amendment and the gun community. Starting June 18, YouTube will prohibit videos instructing users on how to remove safety devices from firearms and restrict videos showing automatic or homemade firearms for users under 18. This move is a blatant attempt to silence firearm enthusiasts and manufacturers, further demonizing the gun industry.

    YouTube announced this week it will place new restrictions on the types of gun-related videos that can appear on the video-sharing platform, including a ban on videos that directly promote the sale of firearms and new 18+ restrictions on videos about 3D printed guns.

    For years, YouTube has been a platform where influencers could share their passion for firearms, promote gun safety, and educate the public about responsible gun ownership. However, the platform has increasingly tightened its grip on gun-related content. It already bans videos that aim to sell firearms and accessories, teach viewers how to make their own guns, and live streams featuring people handling firearms. Now, this new policy will stifle even more voices in the gun community.

    The justification for these changes is the protection of minors from potentially dangerous content, including videos on homemade guns. Yet, this reasoning is a thinly veiled excuse for furthering an anti-gun agenda. By labeling these videos as inappropriate for viewers under 18, YouTube is sending a clear message: the mere discussion or demonstration of firearms is inherently dangerous and must be controlled.

    The new policies won’t be imposed on what they consider artistic representations of guns in mediums like video games, and YouTube notes that public interest videos largely won’t see restrictions, including content involving “military or police footage, news footage, or footage from warzones.” However, if your YouTube channel is devoted to showing off how well your latest 3D-printed gun can shoot, that’s going to get age-restricted very soon. One of the more popular 3D-printed weapons accounts, known as Print Shoot Repeat, posted videos on X and YouTube talking about the new rules.

    Print Shoot Repeat claims that according to YouTube’s analytics, people under the age of 18 made up just 1.4% of the viewers on his channel and says it doesn’t matter if his channel loses people under the age of 18 since most viewers are adults. But his videos will still get buried by the algorithm because they won’t surface in the same way and won’t be visible to anyone without a YouTube account that’s signed in.

    Print Shoot Repeat expressed frustration with the fact that news videos and war videos won’t be age-restricted. “So guys getting blown up in trenches in Ukraine by drones? Ha, totally not age-restricted,” the creator said. “Me firing a 3D printed pink Glock that I made? Age-restricted. We don’t need kids watching that. We want kids watching people getting blown up by mines. Love it. Awesome.”

    YouTube's spokesperson, Javier Hernandez, claims these updates reflect the current state of content on the platform and are meant to adapt to new technologies like 3D printing. However, this ignores the broader implications of such policies. By consulting with law enforcement and public safety officials, YouTube is allowing entities with a vested interest in gun control to influence its guidelines, further marginalizing lawful gun owners and enthusiasts.

    The platform's crackdown on firearm content comes amid growing criticism from anti-gun groups and public officials. The Tech Transparency Project, known for its critical stance on large tech companies, has accused YouTube's algorithms of pushing violent content to minors. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has publicly pressured YouTube to remove "dangerous" gun tutorials, framing them as a threat to public safety. These perspectives, however, ignore the legitimate use of firearms and the importance of education in promoting gun safety.

    By implementing these restrictive policies, YouTube is not just targeting illegal or dangerous activities but also infringing on the rights of law-abiding citizens. The narrative pushed by YouTube and its supporters fails to acknowledge the positive role that influencers play in fostering a culture of responsibility and safety around firearms. Instead, it paints the entire gun community with a broad brush of suspicion and fear.

    As supporters of the Second Amendment, we must recognize these actions for what they are: an attempt to erode our rights and silence our voices. The demonization of the gun industry and firearm enthusiasts is a slippery slope that leads to greater restrictions and loss of freedoms. We must stand firm against these policies and advocate for our rights to share knowledge, promote safety, and enjoy our Second Amendment freedoms.