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2A Newsletter: Week of March 10th  thumbnail image

2A Newsletter: Week of March 10th

80 Percent Arms   |   Mar 17th 2023

Biden issues executive order to increase gun background checks

Photo Source: Castleski via Shutterstock

It comes as no surprise that Biden is continuing his fight against the Second Amendment, responsible gun owners and Industry members with his most recent executive order:

Rules Executive Order enacts:

  • Background checks and “reminding” FFL’s to use NICS system for background checks
  • Storage of firearms
  • Red flag laws
  • Dating violence (restraining order loophole)
  • Undetectable Firearms Act
  • Legislation on MSR and Standard cap mags
  • PLCAA repeal
  • Weaponization of FTC
  • Zero tolerance policy and weaponization of ATF
  • Enforcement of firearms safety training

For those wondering, an executive order is a signed, written and published directive for the sitting President of the United States that manages administrative action and results in the Federal Government. In layman’s terms, it’s supposed to be treated as law. However, they aren't really legislation as they can be overturned or rendered null by Congress passing rulings to make it difficult or impossible to carry out the order.

Sitting U.S. Presidents may also overturn an existing executive order by issuing a new executive order to that effect. For instance, Trump passed 220 total executive orders during his tenure. Biden signed 42 in his first 100 days with 24 nullifying Trump policies and 108 Executive Orders so far through his Presidency.

The “Executive Order on Reducing Gun Violence and Making Our Communities Safer,” parades as a fight against crime when in reality it's a continued effort for his gun control agenda. He pushes “red flag” laws, more background checks and “reeducation” of FFL holders and firearms dealers.

While you shouldn’t let this worry you too much, you should still be observant of how these topics found in this order can impact the firearms Industry and your Second Amendment rights.

Thankfully, there are a few organizations such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) that are at the forefront of protecting our rights and ensuring the federal government does not overstep its bounds. Be sure to learn about and support these groups that fight for you whichever way you can. 

Mainstream Media Has Crossed a Line

Photo Source: Ufabizphoto via Shutterstock 

Media is something our lives kind of revolve around. There’s no getting around it. While emergency news, natural disaster information, and general entertainment are important (I mean have you SEEN The Last of Us on HBO Max?) However, the ways mainstream media is abusing the First Amendment is becoming all more apparent.

Imagine the absolute firestorm if 2A media outlets encouraged humiliating Anti-Gun protestors or left leaning groups all for Abortion Rights. The fallout would be unimaginable. Unfortunately the left has shown they can do both and get away scott free.

Just this week on The View, they were discussing abortion and how to “deal” with Pro-Life supporters. One of the hosts encouraged murder of Pro-Life activists as a way to “protest” saving lives. These daytime talking heads are not held accountable for what their words may lead to just because of their age and political affiliation.

Colorado Newsline posted an article titled: “Stop tolerating gun extremists. Shame them.” This is not what the First Amendment protects. To willingly publish an article that states:

Society “should humiliate without restraint those costume-wearing soldier wannabes who show up with their shooters at rallies.”

Is asinine and quite dangerous. Inciting violence and oppression through published articles targeting the protected Second Amendment will only lead to unrest and further divide in America.

These influential people in the media need to be held accountable. The double standard is concerning and underscores the need for responsible journalism and a commitment to protecting the rights of all individuals. 

Anti-gun politicians are pushing back, passing more gun control

Photo Source: Nicole Glass Photography via Shutterstock

Over the past quarter of 2023 we have noted several wins for our Second Amendment at the state level nationwide. However, Gun-Control activists are just as diligent and hellbent on the removal of your right to bear arms.

The Michigan House just passed bills 4138, 4142, and 4143 by a margin of 56-53. These orders further enforce permit-to-purchase and registration systems to ALL firearms statewide. All that's left is for these bills to reach the Democratic controlled Senate and onto the desk of their Democratic Governor. Unfortunately it seems like these bills will be passed and further restrict the responsible firearm owners in Michigan.

In Washington, their House just passed HB 1240 banning the sale, transfer, ownership and manufacture of so-called “assault weapons” and HB 1143. Which enacts a 10 day waiting period, enforces proof of “firearms safety training” and requires a permit to own a firearm. Much like in Michigan, Washington has a Democratic “trifecta” in their state legislature which will more than likely lead to absurd bills like these getting passed.

Know who is fighting for your rights and doing everything they can to keep our Second Amendment held high. The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) are at the forefront of legal battles across all the states and at the federal level. 


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