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2A Newsletter: Week of October 20th  thumbnail image

2A Newsletter: Week of October 20th

80 Percent Arms   |   Oct 20th 2023

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Massachusetts' Overreaching Gun Bill: A Threat to 2A Rights

The Massachusetts House passed a major gun bill on Wednesday, which tightens previous gun laws and cracks down on privately manufactured firearms. The Massachusetts House's recent passage of a 125-page gun bill, following the Supreme Court's affirmation of the right to carry firearms in public for self-defense, raises significant concerns about the infringement of Second Amendment rights. The bill, approved in a 120-38 vote, signals an alarming expansion of government overreach into the lives of law-abiding citizens.

One of the most contentious aspects of the new legislation is the prohibition against discharging firearms near residences. This regulation is an overreach that may criminalize reasonable self-defense actions, potentially leaving individuals defenseless in situations where they have a legitimate need to protect themselves and their families.

In addition, this bill will also prohibit firearms in locations such as schools, polling places, and government buildings. This legislation aims to create "defense-free zones" — areas where citizens are left unprotected and potential assailants might feel emboldened, knowing individuals are disarmed. This aspect of the bill overlooks the deterrent effect of concealed carry holders on those planning violent acts.

The most troubling is the expansion of the state's ban on assault weapons to include AR-15-style firearms, a move that directly impacts the rights of gun enthusiasts, sportsmen, and those who rely on such firearms for self-defense. The restriction on modifying firearms also appears overly broad, as it could negatively impact hobbyists and gunsmiths engaging in lawful activities.

This legislation targets lawful gun owners more than it does criminals who misuse firearms. Instead of tackling the root causes of gun violence, the bill imposes additional burdens on law-abiding citizens, challenging their constitutional rights.

Now, as the bill moves to the state Senate for further consideration, it's critical for lawmakers to listen to these concerns. The proposed regulations, while arguably well-intentioned, threaten to undermine the freedoms protected by the Second Amendment and penalize responsible gun owners in Massachusetts. The upcoming deliberations offer a vital opportunity to advocate for policies that respect individual rights.

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Victory for the Second Amendment: California's Assault Weapon Ban Overturned

In a reaffirming move for Second Amendment advocates, U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez has once again championed the constitutional rights of Californians by overturning the state's longstanding assault weapons ban. This marks the second occasion Judge Benitez has made such a ruling, consistently recognizing the rights of responsible citizens to bear arms.

Judge Benitez's injunction prevents state officials from enforcing a ban that unjustly restricts law-abiding individuals from accessing firearms. In his ruling, he highlights the underreported instances where firearms are used for self-defense, questioning why society often overlooks the lives saved thanks to the availability of semi-automatic firearms for protection.

Refuting claims that so-called assault weapons are exceptionally dangerous, the judge rightly notes that these firearms are simply modern iterations of traditional rifles, shotguns, and pistols. They aren't inherently more lethal than other firearms and, therefore, shouldn't be subjected to unfair legal prohibitions.

Though the California Attorney General's Office swiftly announced its intent to appeal and continues to advocate for the exclusion of "weapons of war" from public ownership, its stance neglects to acknowledge the fundamental rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment. As Judge Benitez underscores, the right to self-defense shouldn't be compromised due to the criminal misuse of firearms.

Cody J. Wisniewski of the Firearms Policy Coalition commended the ruling, celebrating it as a victory against unconstitutional firearm bans. This decision, he notes, is a crucial reminder that prohibitive laws infringe on the rights of peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

This momentous ruling follows in the wake of Judge Benitez's previous decisions against restrictive gun control measures, including California's limitation on magazine capacity and its background check requirement for ammunition purchases. Each verdict reinforces the essential principle that the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental freedom, not to be eroded by overreaching regulations.

The Fight For Our Rights Continues: Supreme Court Update on ATF Battle thumbnail image

The Fight for Our Rights Continues: Update on ATF Battle

In the face of unprecedented challenges to our Second Amendment rights, 80 Percent Arms and Defense Distributed are at the forefront of a pivotal legal struggle to safeguard these fundamental freedoms. Despite a recent Supreme Court decision allowing a contentious ATF rule to remain active during litigation—a rule dubiously expanding the definition of "firearms"—we remain resolute in accepting and processing orders. Your purchases and contributions are crucial, directly empowering our ongoing quest for justice and liberty.

While global trends show nations enhancing their citizens' firearm rights in response to security concerns, the U.S. seems to be diverging with increased regulatory oversteps. These include the ATF's attempts to bypass congressional authority and alarming calls from political figures like Vice President Kamala Harris for stringent gun control measures. Such steps not only erode our basic rights to self-defense but also represent significant governmental overreach.

Our fight is twofold: we are standing against the unjust expansion of bureaucratic power while ardently defending our constitutional right to bear arms. The current ATF rule intrusively includes "unfinished frames and receivers" within the scope of regulated firearms, an overextension that blatantly disregards congressional prerogatives and disrupts the balance of constitutional powers.

Our October 11th, 2023, detailed response to the Supreme Court highlights this overreach, emphasizing that the rule defies the ATF's statutory boundaries and, critically, the democratic principles underpinning our nation's governance structure. This battle transcends the issue of firearms; it's about curbing administrative excesses and preserving the nation's foundational tenets.

Despite setbacks, our resolve remains unshaken. Our plea for an injunction is a plea for justice, a rallying cry to uphold the universal principles and rights intrinsic to our nation's identity. As we navigate these trials, our commitment to the Second Amendment and to those affected by overregulation is unwavering.

Join us in this critical journey, as we press on with steadfastness and resolve, championing the constitutional principles that anchor America's enduring strength.


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