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Glock reliability and reputation

Preston Arnet   |   May 20th 2020

Glock Reliability and Reputation

The entire gun community, as complex and opinionated as it is; can essentially be broken down into two core groups: those who like Glocks, and those who do not. Glocks are easy to hate on, really. Un-athletic looking, mediocrely comfortable, spongy triggers, and ugly field goal sights have plagued the Glock for 5 generations now. However, I’ll give credit where credit is due- they work. Put a Glock through the most unpleasant tests you can think of: drag it over a mountain, submerge it underwater, or make it sit through a dinner at your mother-in-laws house, and rest easy knowing when you pull the trigger it will go ‘bang’.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am not a huge fan of the Glock’s aesthetics. But, arguably the most popular and reliable polymer handgun on the market; find out why I absolutely recommend you own one.

Design and History

Created by Gaston Glock in 1979, the Glock (then the model P80) was quickly adopted into the Austrian Military in 1982, where it became a top performer in reliability and safety. A striker fired polymer handgun, it is a no frills- all business design that hangs its hat on simplicity and an easy learning curve. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to manipulate one, or how to shoot one effectively. Disassembly and reassembly are a cake walk, easy to do while literally blindfolded, and ammo choice is a non-issue; as they will chew up and spit out the dirtiest ammo you can feed it. Bottom line: Mr.Gaston Glock got it right, and has the track record, sales, and reputation to prove it.

  • Barrel: A polygonal rifling instead of conventional rifling, the barrel offers a better gas seal behind the bullet which directly translates to more efficient gas usage, muzzle velocity, and accuracy.
  • Safety: “this is my safety” *holds up index finger* Glocks (like most striker fire handguns) lack a traditional lever safety, instead opting for a tri-safety mechanism starting at the external trigger safety. These safeties operate together, making it impossible for the firearm to discharge if dropped or shocked. Making the only possible discharge situation one where you pull the trigger.
  • Sights: The field goal sights that come standard from the factory are in my opinion: horrendous. However, people do claim this style helps with target acquisition, and they are known to be durable. If you absolutely can’t stand them, they are easily swapped out with your favorite brand—as there is no shortage of aftermarket parts for these pistols.

The “Glock Standard”

As much as I hate to admit it, there’s a reason Glocks are the new “Gold Standard” so to speak for polymer handguns. Though they may be ugly (to me anyways) you must keep in mind that they are a tool. Just like a drill, saw, or hammer is a tool, your firearm is a tool to protect yourself and those around you. There to be used when absolutely necessary, the shooter needs to focus 100% on the task at hand, and not waste a shred of concentration worrying about his gun cycling, jamming, or loading. The Glock offers this assurance to the shooter, and is generally the ‘handgun to beat’ when a brand unveils a new model handgun. For instance when CZ unveiled the P10c, it was deemed the “Glock killer”, and quite honestly I don’t know if that says more about the quality and reliability of the CZ, or about how truly incredible the reputation of the Glock is…perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Law Enforcement and Glock

law enforcement glock

Police and Glocks are nearly as ubiquitous as Police and Donuts

Next time you’re face to face with one of our boys in blue, check out the piece on his or her hip. I bet you 10:1 that it has “Glock” stamped across it. Law enforcement draws their weapons probably infinitely times more than you ever will, and the reasons they draw a Glock are no different than the reasons that make you or I want to buy them off the shelf.

Torture Tests

There are ENDLESS torture tests on these dang guns. I mean endless. From rednecks trying to blow them up with Tannerite, full auto meltdowns, or legitimate mud, run, and gun tests- Glocks are put through the ringer constantly for the public eye. And there’s only one reason why: because they can take it.

So, Are Glocks Reliable?

Yes, yes they are. In all honesty, I feel like people hate on Glocks because it’s kind of the cool thing to do these days, but anyone who has anything negative to say about their durability, functionality, or reputation is kidding themselves. Glocks work, and work well. And if you’re like me and don’t necessarily appreciate their physical appearance, aftermarket companies like 80% Arms are dedicated to tricking out your gun to any and all styles. Also check out our top of the line options for 80 lowers and other accessories!