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Holosun vs Aimpoint - Which is better?

80 Percent Arms   |   Feb 16th 2022

Technology within the wide world of firearms has taken leaps and bounds with the advancements made in rifle sighting equipment. Convenience plays a vital role as a new standard for optics, especially for those that are compatible with pistols. Rapid target acquisition has been a key factor in survivability from the battlefield to everyday carry since the combination of ball, barrel, and powder began to dominate in small arms conflicts around the world.

In the past decade, we’ve witnessed the birth of a new generation of compact sighting systems such as reflex sights, holographic sights and red dot sights which is what we’ll be looking at today between two leading brands.

Holosun Optics

Whether you’re in the market for a brand new optic for your new AR-15 or GST-9 MOD1, Let’s first take a look at Holosun optics, which are a great choice as a primary optic and backup sight solution. Holosun is actually one of our favorite go-to brands to use and here are several reasons why:


Holosun’s sighting systems include many features that not only provide practical convenience but increase your chances of survivability when Murphy’s Law takes place. 

Rugged Design - Housed in 7075 Anodized T6 Aluminum, these optics are strong enough to withstand the rigors of running and gunning in all conditions. Don’t believe us? Just check out one of Sage Dynamic’s tests of the 507C on YouTube.

Shake AwakeTechnology - Utilizing motion and ambient light sensors, these optics are ready when you are. Just pick up the rifle, and the dot is already on.

Battery Life - Whether their optics are powered by a single CR1632 or CR2032 battery, essentially all Holosun optics are rated for 50,000+ hours. This is also enhanced by the fact that Holosun incorporates solar power capability into some of their optics.

Changes for Convenience - Recent 507 models have seen a small but highly necessary change in the location of the battery. Prior to the change, the optic had to be removed from the pistol to locate the battery underneath; it’s now conveniently located on the side so as to not disrupt the zero, saving us time and frustration. We appreciate a brand that listens to their customers and actually makes changes to their products to improve the user experience.

Reticle Options All in One - With unlimited eye relief and multi-reticle designs, Holosun’s outer ring represents a 32 MOA and a 2 MOA dot in its center. Using this reticle style, shooters can easily dial in these sights per their preference. The reticle itself can quickly be changed with the press of the a button. Zeroing aside, this design makes target acquisition easier for beginner shooters as well.

But if you prefer the Aimpoint-style with a single point of reference with just the 2 MOA center dot, all you have to do is switch to that setting by holding down the ‘+’ sign button for about four to five seconds. Depending on the model, some lines of Holosun optics also carry a holographic, “donut” style reticle, or even the ACSS reticle which is a collaborated effort with Primary Arms. 

Competitive Pricing - Last but not least, the price! It's hard to overlook Holosun's options when other optics cost double or even triple their cost when they all essentially do the same thing. 


Structural Integrity - This con is not partial only to Holosun, but with all reflex sights that use a single optical pane. Their downside - the reticle emitter is not fully housed in a way that prevents debris from interfering with projection (AKA open emitter). Though this is not a huge issue because it can be easily dealt with thorough and regular cleaning, it is worthy of note when determining application and the climate of where you live.

If you are operating in a particularly dusty, sandy, humid, or freezing environment where it might snow, you’ll definitely have better experience with a closed emitter optic (which Holosun offers as well). However, let’s say you regularly appendix carry a handgun with a red dot sight - doesn’t matter if you live in Southern California, Miami Beach or near Glacier National Park… that optic is going to have lint littered all over it which is also inevitable.

National Affiliation - Ambiguous, but harmless. There’s quite a bit of conflicting information on the internet regarding whether Holosun is an American or a Chinese company, which is a reasonable concern. We’ve talked about in our 2A Newsletter before how we should all be more mindful of where we’re spending our money and whose success we’re actually voting for with our wallets.

After a fair amount of digging and research, we've found that Holosun is an American company based in Southern California. However, it does manufacture its products in China. If you have a problem with a company outsourcing its production then don’t wear Nike or Adidas products either. It’s the same thing, commonly practiced by a wide variety of companies across all industries.

Holosun 403C

Holosun 403C is priced at $242.32

Holosun 507C X2

Holosun 507C X2 is priced at $364.69.

Holosun 510C

Holosun 510C is priced at $309.99


With nearly fifty years of experience designing and manufacturing reflex/red dot optics, it is clear to see why Aimpoint has always been a top contender. Aimpoint is a company in motion, always moving and improving. They take into consideration information passed on by the consumer to develop their products into an enhanced package that fits desirability and usability.

Look at the Micro T1, a sturdy product that is simple to use. It has an oversized illumination knob with cap protected elevation and windage turrets. It has served a purpose and served it well, however, there were some minor consumer suggestions. The elevation turret sits high on the sight without much protection, putting it at risk of strike damage, which would have to be directed forcefully at the turret. Aimpoint heard the call for additional protection and birthed the Micro T2, not only is the elevation turret encased in an aluminum ramp to deflect blows from the front and rear, they went a few steps further. Aimpoint’s Micro T2 includes flip up see-through caps and improved lenses reducing or eliminating glare on the dot when using a magnifier.


Indestructible- Unlike many competitors, Aimpoint optics are fully encased in Anodized high strength aluminum capped with optical lenses on either side of the reticle emitter preventing disruption.

Rigorous Testing - Aimpoint optics have stood the test of time and battle which is why they can demand the price that they do. As far as optics go, Aimpoints are like tanks. Even so, they are strenuously tested during quality control so that they’ll be suited to most any firearm you are likely to encounter.

Multi-Role Sights - They offer multiple mounting platforms that can take the same sight from your rifle to your pistol with minor work, a quick swap of the base plate and you are ready to remount.

Battery Life - Using a single CR2032 battery, Aimpoint dots can stay bright for up to 50,000 hours (5 years).

Night Vision Compatibility - When in use on a rifle, these compact optics are compatible with magnifiers and night vision. (Something that most Holosun optics do not cater to.) 


Expensive - These Swedish made optics are significantly higher in price if you are comparing brands straight across the board like Holosun vs Aimpoint. Strides have been made in quality and affordability. The new Aimpoint RDS is rock solid, with a MSPR at around $450, keeping it with a price point and quality that is hard to beat.

Reticle Sizes - Reticle diversity is not one of those things. If you only want a single point of acquisition, as in one dot - that’s all you’ll get with these sights. Aimpoint reflex pistol red dots are only sized at 3.5 MOA. However, rifle topics have a slightly better selection with 2, 3.5, and 4 MOA center dots.

Aimpoint Micro T1 is priced at $695.

Aimpoint Micro T2 is priced at $797.

Aimpoint Duty RDS is priced at $499. (MSRP)

Aimpoint Pro is priced at $445.00.

ACRO P-2 Red Dot Reflex Sight is priced at $599.00.

(Prices and availability may vary depending on the website.)

So, Who Made the Better Option?

For civilians, Holosun is going to be just fine. They're tough as nails, have great clarity and typically a larger field of views than Aimpoint optics. However, if you operate in the military or law enforcement setting, there are some more tactical situations where Aimpoint products may make more sense. After all, there's an incredibly large amount of data and information on how Aimpoint optics have performed for our soldiers when in conflicts abroad and in 

Aimpoint Acro P-2 vs Holosun 507C

Holosun 507C is smaller than the Aimpoint ACRO P-2, it uses solar power and Shake Awake technology to wake up and stay working as long as you do. However, the ACRO P-2 is fully contained within a solid construction. Holosun is an American company that outsourced manufacturing to China while Aimpoint is owned and manufactured in Sweden. Aimpoint only offers the single reticle dot while Holosun offers three settings for changing the reticle.

Aimpoint PRO vs Holosun 510C

Both are specifically designed for rifle platforms. The Aimpoint Pro is a fully contained tubular design while the Holosun 510C is open with a single optical lens for projection. Battery life is similar but reticle design is the same as with the pistol versions, one setting for Aimpoint and three for Holosun. Some people think that the extra reticle designs are wacky and just get in the way of your FOV. So it may be up to your personal preference. 

That being said, it's are to compare the Patrol Rifle Optic when it's a closed emitter and has a tube like shape. Whereas, the Holosun 510C is an open emitter and style wise looks more similar to optics found in video game designs. 

Is Holosun a good brand?

Holosun is in a league of its own with multiple reticle options in a single optic, rugged design, easy to use, no removal necessary to change the battery, Shake Awake technology, solar power, and light sensing ability. For the price and its functions, these optics are built well and easy to use for avid shooters of all levels.

Is Holosun a Chinese company?

Holosun is an American based company that has outsourced its product manufacturing to China.

Is Holosun a duty grade?

Yes, we’ve seen plenty of law enforcement officers with their duty guns equipped with a variety of Holosun pistol optics. Since 2021, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has actually approved the use for Holosun 407/507/508/509. This is significant because LASD policies act as sort of a trend setter for many other departments across the country.

Does Holosun use the same mount as Aimpoint?

Yes and no. Micro red dot sights for pistol use have a different footprint and can require a baseplate that matches the model. Some rifle mounted red dots share the same footprint but with the wide variety of sights on the market you need to examine the specifications carefully.

Buy Your Next Holosun Red Dot Sight With 80 Percent Arms!

If you just built your newest 80% MOD1 pistol frame, the Holosun 507C X2 is a perfect way to cap off an excellent build. Should you decide to build your next AR with an 80% lower, slide on over to the accessories tab and give the Holosun rifle optics a look too!