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The Right to Bear 80 Lowers

Preston Arnet   |   Oct 8th 2019

This is America. And as Americans, we love our guns (well most of us anyway). We love looking at guns, talking about guns, shooting guns, and most importantly; owning guns. And none of this would be possible without the 2nd Amendment. So when the political climate started to get a little hectic, and the 2nd Amendment started taking fire; the creation of 80% lowers was a pleasant, and necessary surprise. The entire purpose of an 80% lower, whether that lower is for an AR15 or pistol, is that the lower does not have a serial number--hence making it unregistered.

Now let me say, I am not one to think that the government is here to take my guns. I believe that the 2nd Amendment is a bulletproof piece of legislation, and supports our constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, I am also not one to take any chances, and crazier things have happened in this world than a government confiscating civilian guns. Which is exactly why I believe 80% builds to be so important. Unless you’re living in California, you can build an 80% rifle or pistol and nobody; not even big brother, will know you have it. This ensures that on the slim chance you have some government officials knocking on your door to collect your firearms, you will still be able to protect yourself and your family with an unregistered 80% firearm.

The Second Amendment to the United Stated Constitution

Taking a closer look at our beloved 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” lets pay close attention to the latter part of the statement--”right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. This particular section of the 2nd Amendment has sure been under scrutiny as of lately. From talks about gun buy backs, to full on confiscation; it certainly seems like our rights are staring infringement right in the face. What 80% lowers and firearms do in my eyes, is secure our current 2nd Amendment rights. The consumer can build one, or build one thousand 80% firearms, and feel secure in knowing he or she is not only exercising their 2nd Amendment right to arm themselves in case of tyrannical government, but also know that they are protecting their 2nd Amendment rights for themselves, and generations to come.

 Perfect for learning to build a few lowers with friends and family. 

Aside from the possibility of your firearms being taken; 80% builds are a fun and economical way to build a quality rifle or pistol. There’s always a feeling of accomplishment when creating something yourself, and building your own target, sporting, or hunting firearm really connects you to the finished product. Knowing your firearm literally inside and out is crucial if something ever goes wrong, and the build process of an 80% lower will give you that knowledge. As a fun weekend project with a family member, or just a hands on way to learn about guns and how they work, 80% builds play an important and informative role in the protection of our 2nd Amendment right.

80% builds offer so much knowledge, creativity, and (most importantly) freedom to the modern day gun owner; which is why I myself love to build, and own several 80% firearms. Unless of course you’re reading this as a government official trying to take my guns, in which case I conveniently lost all of my 80% firearms in a tragic boating accident. But seriously, to anyone unsure about 80% lowers or the rules and regulations that they may encounter; I encourage you to do your research, and support your 2nd Amendment RIGHT by going out and starting your first 80% build--you’ll be glad you did.