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Support Our Legal Defense Fund | 80 Percent Arms

80 Percent Arms   |   Sep 22nd 2022

Welcome to our Legal Defense Fund! In this new products category 100% of our profits go towards funding our legal team which is tirelessly working to combat anti-2A policies and legislation.

How does it work?

First and foremost, these product offerings are intentionally listed at higher price points. If you were to buy some of the products or parts in these bundles separately it would without a doubt be at a cheaper price. By no means are we trying to price gouge our customers. These are products designed for customers who intentionally want to contribute more to our legal fight so on some of the offerings we’ve added different pricing tiers for customers to choose if they want to go above and beyond in helping us out.

Proceeds from our Legal Defense Fund go straight to protecting your rights to build in the courts!

What makes these products so special?

All product offerings and bundles under the Legal Defense Fund category are either brand new or a unique, limited-time run. Once they sell out, we will likely not sell them anymore. Check back each month for a new LDF product to be released!

New Limited Edition Build Kits

LDF MOD1 Build Kit

We started off the LDF campaign strong with an extremely rare and limited edition LDF MOD1 Build Kit that came with every part you needed (other than its jig) to complete it into a fully functioning firearm. It sold out in under two weeks! Thank you so much! You can expect us to provide even more custom build kits in the near future.

New Swag
Patriot Pack

With the Fully Decked Out Pack and the Patriot Pack we now have a new hat, two new t-shirt designs, a cool MOD1 poster and a sticker pack with our classics including new designs that were recently released this year.

Mystery Box Package
80% Arms Mystery Box

For people that just have a knack for tinkering and building a variety of firearms, maybe you don’t know what the next project exactly looks like for you - you just know that you want to start a new one. If that’s you, snag a mystery box and enjoy the challenge of building out a potentially extremely rare build with one off parts that have special designs or unique colorways.

Support Our Legal Defense Fund Before It’s Too Late!

We’re doing our part to fight for our Second Amendment rights which enable us to manufacture our own privately made firearms. If you’d like to give us a hand with that, you can support us here