Backorder Information

Every day customers ask us why many of our products are backordered. Many people assume that we simply do not have products in stock, or we are waiting for new shipments from a supplier. The truth is, we are generally backordered because we are receiving orders for lower receivers and jigs faster than we can manufacture them. All of our products are made in house at our NEW Garden Grove, CA factory.

We operate our factory 24 hours a day in order to produce as many 80 lower receivers and jigs as we possibly can, but we have received so many orders that there is a waiting list (also known as backorder). Every product we make goes straight from our factory to fulfill the oldest order on our waiting list.

We are thankful that our products are so popular that we can't make them fast enough, but we understand that nobody wants to have to wait several weeks to receive their order. We do everything we possibly can to manufacture our products faster in order to reduce backorder times, while ensuring that our high standards of quality are not compromised. If you drive by our factory at 3 am on a Saturday morning, you can hear our machines cutting metal from a block away. That sound could be your jig being made.