Easy Jig Information

This page contains all the Easy Jig information you need to use your Easy Jig.

Download the manual for the AR-15 Easy Jig by clicking here.

Download the manual for the AR308/10 jig by clicking here.

You need 3 drill bits , one end mill, and a 3/8 drill stop to complete the Easy Jig. All of this is contained in our Easy Jig Tool Kit. The specifications for the required tools are listed below in case you already have them. The drill bits are common sizes some people may already have at home, however the end mill is custom made for the easy jig. Using another end mill could damage your jig and lower and will void your warranty. If you already have the drill bits and just need the end mill, we sell it separately.

  1. 80% Arms Easy Jig end mill
  2. 3/8" drill stop
  3. 3/8" jobber length drill bit
  4. 5/32" jobber length drill bit
  5. 19/64" jobber length drill bit

The following tools are also recommended to use the Easy Jig

  1. Eye Protection
  2. Hearing Protection
  3. Hand drill with 3/8 chuck OR drill press
  4. Router or laminate router with 1/4" collet
  5. 3/16, 1/8, and 3/32" Allen wrenches
  6. 4 inch wide Vise (if vise is not mounted, you will need to use C clamps to mount it to something)
  7. Cutting / tapping fluid (Oatey's or Magic Tap work well)
We guarantee our AR-15 universal jigs will fit all forged and billet AR-15 lowers except for New Frontier Armory,  Iconic Industries, and lowers with an Ambidextrous Bolt Release.
Our .308 Easy Jig is only compatible with our .308 lowers.  It is not Universal. 

Some recommendations for routers are:

Rigid Router Model 24012 found at Home Depot.

Porter Cable PCE6430

Almost any more expensive router will work well too. We don't recommend going with a router that costs less than $75 new. We did extensive testing with lower cost routers under $75 and found that they leave a rough finish due to their sloppy tolerances. Also, do not use the Black & Decker RP250 router that is used in part of our instructional video. It retails for $69. The quality on those is very hit or miss and numerous customers reported issues with them. We no longer recommend that model.

Safety, Manuals and Instructions are essential in using the Easy Jig®. This video will show you everything you need to do to complete your 80 lower with no machining knowledge.
Just a few simple tools and the 80% Arms Easy Jig® makes completing your 80 lower project easy as pie!