Router Compatibility

Easy Jig Gen 3 supports more routers than any other jig on the market. Please note, it is physically impossible for us to obtain every router that was ever made in the past, so many older models have not been tested for compatibility. We will make our best effort to add support for older discontinued router models over time if enough customers request support for any given model.

Below is a list of routers tested with Easy Jig Gen 3. This list is also available in appendix A of the manual.

Our new Speed Mill™ (a 5/16 End Mill fused with a threaded housing) comes in for different sizes: 1/A, 2/B, 3/C, and 4/D. This sizing refers to the threaded portion of the Speed Mill™ that screws directly on the router's "spindle.” Size 1/A has the smallest housing diameter and size 4/D has the largest