AR15 Detachable Carry Handle

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This is the classic AR-15 detachable carry handle. Great to hold you over until you are ready to purchase optics or for a retro AR build. These handles may have minor blemishes and nicks in the finish as shown in the photographs. 


  • AR-15 detachable carry handle with A2 sight assembly 
  • Features aluminum alloy handle with matt black painted finish
  • Steel A2 sight assembly with windage and elevation adjustments
  • Dual aiming apertures
  • Equipped with retention thumb nuts for quick and secure installation and removal
  • AR15 Detachable Carry Handle

What Is a Carry Handle?


A gun carry handle is a device fixed on the gun used to carry it. There are two types of carrying handles:


  • A fixed carry handle on the AR-15 comes already mounted on the rifle

  • Detachable aftermarket carry handles, which can be purchased in addition to the rifle

There are exceptions, though. Some handles let you mount a magnified optic, but since flat-top rifles are the norm, detachable rail mount carry handles have become popularized.


Carry Handle Design


Our AR-15 detachable carry handle is made of steel and aluminum construction. It also has a matte black finish as well as retention and thumb nuts to ensure you safely and securely install and use it.


It's usually raised on one side more than the other to avoid hindering the line of sight. It has thumb nuts on the sides where the rifle is attached. The carry handle has been designed to have some depression in the middle, with flaps protruding on the sides. These are often referred to as wings. Wings help protect the sight aperture from damage and also reduce glare that can obstruct a sight picture.


Carry Handle Attachment


Our carry handles are easy to install. You can mount it on the Picatinny rail of your rifle, tighten the thumb nuts, and you're good to go. Just make sure the raised side is the side closer to the charging handle. Our carry handles come in different sizes, depending on what you want. You can use them as a backup sight or as a handle.


Advantages of the Detachable Carry Handle for the AR-15

  • Easier carry and handling of your rifle.

  • Serve as a durable sight or as a mount for your rifle’s iron sights.

  • They provide the perfect height for your original sights. They are also coupled with the dual aperture design, making it easy to line up fuzzy objects in the peripheral for quick, accurate target shooting.

  • The peeps on the carry handle sight help in picking up and refining the front sight. This gives you good hits.

  • They add aesthetic value to your rifle.

  • Detachable carry handles are a reasonable price if you can’t afford more expensive options for optics.

  • You can mount a telescopic sight, which when combined with the carry handle sight ensures a higher level of accuracy with enhanced magnification of targets.

  • They ensure safety when carrying the rifle as they are away from the charging handle and the trigger.