GST-9: Competition Grip

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GST-9 Orders - UPDATED 10/29/2020

We're excited to report that the upgrades in our injection molding process have allowed us to significantly boost our production capacity of GST-9 frames. Many of you have already received a shipping notification. We surpassed our last shipping goal AGAIN and are now working on 2020 orders. The following is our new shipping timeline for October and November: 

All orders placed in January 2020 for GST-9 Frames & Build Kits will be shipped by Next Friday, November 6th! We’re excited to see the acceleration in output, and it’s only getting better! We just completed 2.5 months of backlog in one month!

Orders placed in 2020 will be quickly filled with our higher production capacity. We will continue to release updated shipping timelines to keep you informed.

Additional updates on February orders to follow soon!

Words can not express our gratitude to our customers who stuck with us during this process.

Made of solid brass with a large flared magwell, weighing in at 6.8oz, this is designed with the "Open Class" shooter in mind. 
Contoured for maximum comfort and control, the palm swell fills your hand and helps you to absorb recoil. A wide-flared magwell will shave precious time off of your reload times, and reduce splits. Plus, a well planned table shelf cut into the front of the grip to prevent your pistol from falling over when standing up.
Why brass? Maximum density where it matters, and of course, great looks. By shifting weight to the rear of the frame, and putting it in your hand, the shooter is more effective at absorbing recoil, reducing muzzle flip, and keeping that front sight on target. Less recoil means faster follow-up shots, and faster shots on target mean more matches won.    
Whether you're shooting IPSC, or just outshooting your buddies, pick up a competition grip and change the way you shoot.
*Brass grips are not clear-coated, to allow for various end-user finishes. Brass is subject to abrasion and tarnish in it's raw form*