GST-9: MOD1, Jig w/ Tool Kit & Slide Rails

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Our GST-9 MOD1 just got the biggest upgrade ever. We are now including industry-leading CNC precision cut rails made from hardened steel at no additional cost. It'll change the way you shoot.

Every jig we produce has led the market. This isn’t hyperbole, this isn’t fluff, it’s just the truth. From the invention of the original AR-15 router jig, to the re-imagination of 80% Glock compatible jigs, we pride ourselves on having the easiest, most accurate, and most durable jigs available for home-building enthusiasts. 

The MOD1 Jig is no exception. Taking the already rock-solid jig for the original GST-9, we’ve improved on the finishing process even further. Extended drill guides offer more support for the drill bits allowing more precise completion, helping eliminate the most common mistake when building 80% pistols: drilling oblong or off center holes. 

We’ve also added an additional bolt point, making sure that the jig has 100% coverage in its clamping system. This ensures that every cut you make is in the right place, every time. The MOD1 Jig is also made of glass-filled reinforced polymer, a compound 3x stronger and more rigid than competing 80% glock compatible jigs on the market.

The MOD1 jig is so simple, you can complete your frame in minutes, with the best results in an 80% yet. In fact, we would call it damn near foolproof. How easy is it to build? Check out the instruction manual and see for yourself! 

Every jig comes with a set of frame rails, all the tools you will need to complete a frame at home, and a detailed instruction manual to walk you through the simple process.



Due to recently changed ATF regulations, we cannot legally include the jig or frame rails with the GST-9 frame. The jig and GST-9 frame must be purchased on our website as two separate items. Each jig includes one set of GST-9 frame rails. You will need one jig for each 80% lower you plan to build. Frame rails are ONLY included with the jig, not with the 80% lower itself.

Shipping Restrictions: This item is restricted from shipping to New Jersey, New York, Hawaii, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., Maryland, Illinois, Oakland City, California, and Washington. 

Because the GST-9 is not a firearm, in most cases, it is currently legal to purchase and own an unfinished frame in California. California law prohibits building an off-roster handgun as well as a homebuilt firearm that does not contain an integral 3.7 oz piece of stainless steel. If you are purchasing a GST-9 that ships to California, you certify that you have a law-enforcement exemption, or intend to build and maintain the product outside of the state.