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  • Hand Drill Stabilizers for Easy Jig Gen 2

Hand Drill Stabilizers for Easy Jig Gen 2
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Our hardened steel hand drill stabilizers™ (patent-pending) guarantee drill press performance from a hand drill, without the need to buy and store an expensive drill press. When bolted to the 0.75 in thick steel side plates on Easy Jig® Gen 2, the hand drill stabilizers extend the total side plate thickness to 1.5 inches, providing rock solid support while drilling out holes for your tigger group. Hand drill stabilizers are recommended for best results when using a hand drill, although it's still possible to achieve good results without them if care is taken to keep your hand drill as level as possible.

Easy Jig® Gen 2 is already the most hand drill friendly jig on the market with its 3/4 in steel side plates, which are thicker than any other jig. However our hand drill stabilizers take things a step further to ensure perfect worry free stability when using a hand drill.

Stabilizers are sold either individually or in a 2 pack. If you buy only 1, you will need unbolt it and move it from the left to the right side of the jig when drilling the trigger group holes. A 2 pack allows you to just leave them bolted on to both sides of the jig with no need to move them around.

Shipping Status: In stock

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