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For all the new builders and shooters out there, welcome to the gun world! To help jumpstart you into this hobby, we have this New Shooter Bundle which comes with the essentials for what you'll need on a successful range trip: a gun cleaning kit, eye protection and ear protection. If you're a seasoned builder or shooter yourself, cop this for a friend to introduce them to our hobby and sport! 

  • The Otis Deluxe Law Enforcement Cleaning Kit comes in a zippered case. Inside, you'll find brushes, picks, jags and multiple pull through cables allowing you to clean both pistol and rifle barrel bores. 
  • Always wear eye pro. With Walker Shooting Glasses you can confidently and comfortably grace the range while sending rounds down-range knowing you have full seal glasses that don't easily fog up due to the polycarbonate lens and free air flowing design. 
  • Part of staying safe when shooting is having situational awareness. Walker Razor Slim Electronic Earmuffs help provide that with its two omni-directional microphones that help amplify safe levels of sounds while reducing up to 23 decibels of noises that may be harmful to your ears. Never forget your ear pro so you can safely keep in constant communication whenever necessary and with other people on the range.