Tool Kit for Universal Drill Press Jig (NOT for Easy Jig)

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This tool kit contains all the components necessary to successfully utilize our Universal Drill Press Jig with either a drill press or mill. This kit is NOT compatible with the router based Easy Jig, which uses much fewer tools. The Easy Jig tool kit can be found by clicking here.

These milling bits for our drill press kit contains the same high-quality tools that we utilized in our own CNC mills at the 80% Arms manufacturing plant.


1 ea. H (0.266") HSS Drill
1 ea. 0.375" HSS Drill
1 ea. 0.156" HSS Drill
1 ea. 0.125" HSS Drill
1 ea. 1/2" HSS Drill
1 ea. 7/16" HSS Drill
1 ea. 3/8" Carbide Endmill
1 ea. 1/4" Carbide Endmill

Endmill specs:
3/8 end mill 3 flute, 0.500 length of cut, 2.5 overall length
1/4 end mill 3 flute, 0.625 length of cut, 2.5 overall length

The high-quality carbide drill press end mills are made in the USA. 


Appearance may vary based on availability