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2A Newsletter: August 6th

80 Percent Arms   |   Aug 5th 2021

Mexico Sues US Gun Manufacturers

Mexico, of all places, wants in on the action for distracting true blame of illegal firearms trafficking and violent crimes committed with guns by suing US gun manufacturers for “negligent and illegal commercial practices which have unleashed tremendous bloodshed in Mexico.” The manufacturers named in the lawsuit filed in federal court in Boston include Beretta U.S.A. Corp., Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc., Colt Manufacturing Company LLC, Glock Inc., and Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc.

Mexico’s allegation is based on stats such as the US government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs which estimated that 70% of weapons trafficked to Mexico come from the US and that in 2019 alone 17,000 homicides were linked to trafficked guns. "These allegations are baseless,” says the National Shooting Sports Foundation. “The Mexican government is responsible for the rampant crime and corruption within their own borders and for enforcing its own laws,” said Lawrence G. Kean, the Senior Vice President and general counsel of the NSSF. The blatant scapegoating is rising to an international level and it’s just embarrassing.

White House, State AGs also seek ways to hold gun manufacturers and dealers responsible for gun crimes

As if we didn’t have enough problems, the White House is working together with multiple state Attorney Generals to find ways to hold firearm manufacturers and dealers responsible for gun crimes. A virtual meeting was held this Thursday between AG’s from seven states and a WH team to discuss this topic. We’d like to see them try though. Biden claims he’s not trying to change the constitution but his actions say otherwise.

If the Biden Administration were to actually find a way to achieve this, they’d have to first do away with the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) which, by the way, every industry has their own version of. Doing so would enable victims families to successfully sue firearms manufacturers for guns used in violent crimes, or in accidents that result in injury or death. This effectively does away with personal responsibility, and would quickly bankrupt major manufacturers (their likely goal).In what world does it make sense to rid manufacturers of liability protection. If the PLCAA is eroded, our courts would be overrun with lawsuits with everyone trying to make a buck.

DOJ Opinion Of Hunter Biden Gun Story: “It’s none of our business.”

For those in need of a refresher: President Biden’s son Hunter came out with an autobiography detailing his abuse of alcohol, drugs and how he lied on a 4473 Form (BATFE background check) which is a federal felony. Around the same time that this issue came to light, Hunter’s brother’s widow (whom he was having an affair with) had taken his handgun supposedly without his permission and tossed it into a trash can outside a supermarket in Delaware.

Several parts of this story are alarming and frustrating. Politico reported that Secret Service agents had approached the store where Hunter bought the gun and asked to take, not for copies, the paperwork regarding the sale of the handgun purchase. Bless the gun store owner, because they initially refused to supply the paperwork suspecting that the agent wanted to hide Hunter’s ownership of the missing gun in case it were involved in a crime. A valid concern because why would any “law abiding citizen” toss a gun… The paperwork was later turned over by the store owner to the ATF.

Ammoland Reporter David Codrea submitted two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to see what came of the ATF and Secret Service’s investigation into both incidents. The response he was met with: “confirming or denying the existence of such records would harm the interests protected by these exemptions.” Those interests being Hunter Biden’s privacy. While the DOJ has decided to sweep this under the rug, Codrea plans on suing the agency for the release of the requested records which are clearly in the public interest.

Why is this story important? We cannot let this story go by the wayside as this is a classic example of members of the government, and apparently family members now too, exercising their “guns for me but not for thee” privileges that the average American is not afforded. 


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