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2A Newsletter: December 10th

80 Percent Arms   |   Dec 9th 2021

ATF Memo Leak Reveals They Want to Force FFL’s Into Digitizing 4473 Forms

According to an ATF memo leak confirmed by two separate sources (Ammoland News and Gun Owners of America) the ATF is not going to issue ‘variances’ anymore which allow for FFL’s to store records of old 4473 Forms at an offsite storage location. Why is that a problem?

Well, historically, the ATF had issued variances to federal firearms license holders (usually brick and mortar gun stores) who didn’t have enough room at their shop to store all the 4473 forms they’ve collected from conducting business over the years. By removing the issuing of variances, most gun stores would be forced to use digital background check forms, which are now becoming more popular, in order to avoid being overrun by the massive amounts of paper records from gun sales and other transactions. Here’s what the memo read:

“ATF, in limited circumstances, has previously issued variances to licensees permitting the offsite storage of ATF Forms 4473, excluding those executed (generally) within the most recent three-year timeframe. However, such approvals run contrary to the Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA), codified at 18 U.S.C. 923(g)(1)(A) which states “[e]ach licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, and licensed dealer shall maintain such records of importation, production, shipment, receipt, sale or other disposition of firearms at his place of business for such period, and in such form, as the Attorney General may by regulations prescribe.”

Remember the ATF’s proposed rulemaking  2021R-05 to redefine pistol braces and frames or receivers? (There were comment periods open online for these not too long ago) Well, we’re expecting the ATF to come out with their decision within the first or second quarter of 2022 — with that comes the new change which would also require FFL’s to retain records forever, not just 25 years.

Which translates to this - if you only buy new guns from stores, there will forever be a record of what you bought, when you bought it, and how many firearms you have in total. This is why we’re obviously big fans of building our own guns to future proof ourselves but at the very least, it’s also why private party transactions are the way to go as they are typically exempt in most states from requiring a 4473.

New Jersey Proposed Bill Would Require Mandatory Re-Education & Forced Labor 

“Forced labor” and “mandatory re-education” are a couple of pretty strong terms but that’s exactly what New Jersey is suggesting in a new proposed anti-gun bill ( NJ Senate Bill 3757).

The bill would require its state residents who legally own firearms to do the following:

1. While at a premises under the owner’s control, to store unused firearms unloaded in a secure location such as a gun safe or locked box or container.

2. Ammunition must be stored separately from the firearms and likewise, secured in a gun safe, locked box or container.

The bill makes no exemptions for guns not in immediate use to be loaded, even at home or for CCW license holders (basically impossible for residents to get). This is the epitome of the opposite of what the liberals call “common sense” gun safety laws. In the event a New Jersey resident is at home and needs to access their firearm for self-defense they’d have to unlock two separate safes or lock boxes to retrieve the gun and ammo, load the ammo/gun, rack the gun and only then would you legally be able to respond to the threat, if you’re even still alive at that point. Furthermore, no one is allowed to use your firearms other than you.

This ridiculousness extends to FFL dealers, gun stores, gunsmiths and even firing ranges meaning they are not allowed to display any unloaded guns or ammunition either. How are they supposed to conduct their business if customers can’t see what there is to rent or buy? Should the bill be passed into law and businesses or individuals fail to comply with these new regulations, a first offense will render a forced period of community service hours of no less than 10 hours and no more than 40 hours with an “approved entity” that has knowledge and experience in gun violence prevention. Examples of an approved entity include the following:

An approved entity that offers community service in the form of:
1. Gun violence prevention education
Facilitation of behavioral change to meet the goals of gun violence prevention

These approved entities can provide these services via:
1. Online instruction
Gun violence prevention films
Gun violence prevention interventional activities as part of a NJ hospital-based gun violence intervention program

If you’re caught violating this law a second time, say goodbye to your guns because they will all be seized and forfeited to the government. Any firearm licenses to purchase or possess will be revoked and there will only be a 5 day window for you to sell any of those guns instead of forfeiting them. Watch out, New Jersey is taking the definition of draconian laws to the next level!

Rittenhouse Case showed how misinformed America is

On Wednesday, the now free Kyle Rittenhouse went on the live show, “Louder with Crowder” hosted by Steven Crowder for an interview which opened up a new perspective into what Kyle experienced through his eyes during this whole ordeal from the riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, his time in jail, and all the way up until the moment he was acquitted in court. If you followed closely along during his entire trial through livestream… Another hour in a more lax setting and lighthearted conversation with a somewhat comical interview isn’t difficult to tune into.

What the Rittenhouse Case did was really show how misinformed most Americans are and how dangerous the mainstream media is along with the general culture of virtue signaling. You could really tell how little people knew from just reading news headlines on their phone or social media posts that had no context where numerous celebrities would condemn Kyle as a white supremacist when all the people he shot and killed in self-defense were… white. As a result, people who don’t read or look into the news themselves would simply repost or reshare what celebrities were saying and that of course caused several trending posts that caught on like wildfire. You can watch  Kyle Rittenhouse’s interview on the Steven Crowder show here. 


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