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2A Newsletter: December 3rd

80 Percent Arms   |   Dec 2nd 2021

Gallup Poll Shows Stricter Gun Laws Are Becoming Less Popular in U.S.

According to a recent Gallup Poll, Americans are becoming increasingly adverse to more gun regulations. Specifically, there's been a downtrend of stricter gun laws being less popular in America, which hopefully continues so we can retain and restore the Second Amendment rights that some have lost, and some have never had. Here are the highlights:

- 52% of Americans want stricter gun laws which is the lowest percentage since 2014.
- Independents’ support for tighter gun regulation is down 15% since 2020.
- There is now a record-low 19% favor for a federal handgun ban, down from 25% in 2020.

This bodes extremely well for us as just a few years ago we were experiencing as much as 67% of the country for stricter gun laws due to a number of mass shootings such as Parkland, Florida and that percentage had not been that high since 1993; which is also when we first experienced a national “assault weapons ban.”

Why is this important? Why should anyone pay attention to these numbers? Well, Gallup is an American analytics and advisory company that is not swayed by bias or politics and simply presents the numbers and facts by sampling public opinion on issues through polls. On the topic of gun laws, they have tracked public opinion of some measures since 1980.

Nevada Judge Delivers Huge Win For 80% Community and 2nd Amendment

Last week we had the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday sale so we weren’t able to share a newsletter with you but what a thankful week that was! On November 23rd, the Honorable Judge John P. Schlegelmilch from Lyon County, Nevada issued his summary judgement that invalidated and will bar enforcement of significant portions of Nevada Assembly Bill 286 on grounds of due process.

Here’s the breakdown of that summary judgement — Nevada AB 286 was initially passed into law on May 21, 2021; beginning in 2022, all possession and forms of sales for 80 percent lower receivers and frames would be completely banned in the state. This would have been a huge blow to Polymer 80 as they had just only recently opened a new headquarters and manufacturing facility in Dayton, Nevada. However, Judge Schlegelmilch’s decision rendered a decisive in favor of Polymer 80 being able to continue doing business in Nevada. By proxy, every other company can also continue to ship and sell 80 percent products to Nevada residents.

This comes as the result of Polymer 80’s lawsuit against several top politicians of Nevada, who are all anti-gunners; including the Governor, Director of Nevada Department of Public Safety and the Administrator of Records, Communications and Compliance Division of the Nevada DPS. We tip our hats to Judge Schlegelmilch for setting a new precedent for any other state trying to pull the same shenanigans.

H.R. 8 Universal Background Check Gets Killed in the Senate 

Initially, this story started out for us as an urgent call for all our readers to quickly act and call their state’s Senators to oppose H.R. 8 to prevent it from being passed and signed into law before anyone realized what had happened. Turns out, we have nothing but good news for you this week but this story developed extremely quickly. Here’s some context first...

H.R. 8 was a bill that passed through the House of Representatives w/ 210 cosponsors which would enact a form of Universal Background Checks into law to greatly restrict the 2A freedoms that millions of Americans currently enjoy when purchasing firearms- forcing universal gun registration across the country. Put it this way, do you want your state’s gun laws to be more like California’s? Or New York’s? Probably not.

We understand that there are plenty of Democrats who own guns and support gun rights but more often than not, as such in this case, the Democrat Senators were trying to pull a fast one over the country; playing on emotions and trying to take advantage of the tragic mass shooting only a day after it had happened in Oakland County, Michigan. The way they were trying to accomplish this was through a procedural move called “ unanimous consent.”

Here’s how it happened — after most of the Senate’s legislative business was finished being conducted on Wednesday and Senators had begun to head back to their offices, anti-gun Senator Chris Murphy asked the Senate to pass H.R. 8 by “Unaminous Consent.” Organizations like Gun Owners of America rang the alarm bells through their email lists to alert Americans to call their Senators to oppose H.R. 8 and that this was even happening in the first place!

Their efforts clearly made a difference because thankfully, by Thursday morning, Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa had stepped up to raise an objection to ultimately kill the bill. This could have ended so differently, which is why it’s important to pay attention and always be ready to act. Do not allow your rights to be bartered for politicians’ own gain i.e. the next midterm elections!


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