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2A Newsletter: February 11th

80 Percent Arms   |   Feb 11th 2022

Washington State Bans Standard Capacity Magazines

This week, the Washington Senate passed their Senate Bill 5078 which will effectively ban all standard capacity magazines that “are capable of holding” or hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. That includes conversion kits or magazine parts which can convert a low capacity magazine into a standard capacity one. There have been signs for quite some time that the state of Washington has been moving against gun rights and this week has unfortunately proven that to be even more clear now. You may think, “welp, that sucks for those guys up there.” But if that’s your mindset then you’re missing the big picture. Here’s why we wouldn’t brush this news off:

The bill still needs to be voted on in the state's lower House of Representatives, but SB 5078 is essentially all but law since the WA House is comprised of mostly democrats. Once the bill passed in the House, the new standard cap mag ban will only allow those who bought those regular magazines prior to the ban to be used on their own property, while hunting or when at licensed shooting ranges. While traveling, these “non-compliant” magazines will have to be transported unloaded and locked separately from their respective firearms. They would even have to be locked away at home, instituting a new and specific form of mandatory safe storage restrictions. This also means that normal capacity magazines that come standard with basically any firearm purchase would be unavailable for Washingtonians to lawfully use in self-defense situations. If caught for violating the new measure, a person could be charged with a gross misdemeanor punishable up to a maximum of 364 days in jail and, or a fine of up to five thousand dollars.

Yet another situation where the law-abiding citizens are slowly being disarmed and criminals will of course abide by the new magazine capacity compliance laws as well right? It doesn’t take much education or stretch of the imagination to wonder if other anti-gunner politicians will catch on to what they’ve accomplished in Washington this week. If there’s any ambiguity in your state about the legality of magazine capacity laws, you should definitely be concerned and stock up while you can.

3D Printing Technology Should be a Wakeup Call for Anti-Gunners

Honestly, it’s a little comical that the ATF, or government entities in general, think that it’s even remotely possible to completely crack down on products like forced reset triggers, 80 lowers or 3D printed guns. On the other hand, it’s pretty scary to think about and see what lengths they’ll go to pursue that endeavor. We already know they’re trying to hit us in our wallets by using financial institutions against us or by threatening us with jail time. A lot of these strategies are also meant to silence us so that we keep to ourselves and avoid speaking out or letting others know that we’re into building guns or a gun-related hobby.

To combat this, we have to continue sharing our passion and bringing more people into the fold. 1Red pill your friends and family one by one! So while we don’t want to bring any extra attention to get this awesome firearms enthusiast into trouble, it’s a real treat for the eyes and special middle finger to the establishment when we see not only a 3D printed AR-15 lower receiver, but a 3D printed forced reset trigger installed in it as well. If you’re interested in getting into the 3D printing hobby, we highly recommend looking for deals at your local Micro Center store to take your gun building hobby and rights to a completely different level. We’ve personally seen great deals for the Ender 3 Pro for as little as $104.95.

Ukrainian civilians prepare to defend themselves from Russian Invasion

Does anybody remember when President Biden was acting all sleepy and saying silly things creating a meme storm on the interwebs? Well, one of our personal favorites was when he stumbled through the false claim that civilians couldn’t own cannons when the Second Amendment was ratified or that to take on a government today you’d need F15 fighter jets or nuclear weapons.

That’s not stopping the everyday citizen, woman, student or people of all ages to be preparing for Russia’s likely invasion of Ukraine’s northern, eastern and southern border. This is due to Putin having already sent a horde of his troops, amassing into a horseshoe-like pattern ready to invade at a moment’s notice. It is more than ironic that the American mainstream media is pumping out plenty of news articles not only depicting average Ukrainians who are taking up arms and training in guerilla warfare to defend their country — but they also explain how while Russia may be able to easily take Ukraine, they may not be able to viably hold it if they had to fight an effective guerilla insurgency every step along the way.

Anybody else see the irony here? Here’s your weekly food for thought: Ukraine citizens have anywhere between two to six million privately owned firearms. With coordinated efforts, they could certainly inflict some serious damage. What do you think would have happened if their civilians owned no guns at all? We’d probably be reading about NATO negotiations by now with Ukraine already having been taken over by Russian forces. Here are some of those mainstream media articles for you to digest and share with others:

New York Post - “Ukrainian mom buys powerful hunting rifle, vows to ‘fight for Kiev’”

ABC Australia - “Inside Ukraine, ordinary citizens are preparing for possible invasion by Russia”

CBS News - “As Russia send mixed signals, Ukrainian civilians train for war”

Associated Press - “Ukrainians train in guerilla tactics in case Russia invades”

The Atlantic - “Russia’s Aggression Against Ukraine Is Backfiring”

The New York Times - “As Russian Troops Mass in Belarus, a Ukraine Border is Largely Undefended”

The New York Times - “Ukraine Commanders Say a Russian Invasion Would Overwhelm Them”

1‘Red pill’ is a phrase made popular by the Matrix movie series from the Wachowski siblings that represents a free-thinking attitude or the act of waking up from a “normal” life of ignorance. People who have been “red-pilled” prefer the truth, no matter how gritty and painful it may be.


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