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2A Newsletter: February 5th

80 Percent Arms   |   Feb 5th 2021

Missouri Bill to Nullify Federal Gun Laws

In a 107-43 vote, Missouri passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act, AKA HB 85 and it is exactly what it sounds like. The bill was written to invalidate federal laws or other actions that infringe on the constitutional right to bear arms. This bill would fine police departments that enforce federal gun laws with a fine of $50,000 or more. All Missouri gun laws remain in effect under this measure, it’s just the federal ones that would be nullified.

HR127 fully elaborated

For those that say you will or would never live in or visit California due to its extreme gun control, there are worse laws and legislation potentially coming to you at a federal level. Representative Sheila Jackson has introduced Bill HR127 also known as the “Sabika Sheik Firearm Licensing and Registration Act”. This bill includes Federal firearm registration, licensing and a magazine ban! This bill would demand that people register their existing firearms into a federal firearm registration system within 3 months of the bill being passed. You would be required to provide the ATF with the make and model of your firearm(s) along with the year it was purchased and ownership. This bill also demands that you acquire a federal license on top of other various licenses for different types of firearms if you wish to purchase them.

The following licenses would be required to purchase firearms:

  1. General License: This license would be required for basic firearm ownership. In order to receive this license you would need to be over 21 years of age and pass a federal background check along with a psychological evaluation. A training course of 24 hours is also required. Ontop of all of this, you would also need to purchase liability insurance through the AG office for $800 every year.
  2. Military Style Weapon License: This license is required on top of the General license. It requires an additional 24 hour training course and attacks various makes and models of AR’s and configurations. You would need acquire this license to possess a semi automatic or semi auto version of an automatic firearm (including pistols and shotguns) that has two of the following features:
  • Detachable magazine
  • Folding scope or stock
  • Protruding pistol grip
  • Flash suppressor
  • Threaded barrel
  • bayonet/grenade launcher mount

3. Antique Firearms License: This license is necessary if an individual wishes to display an antique firearm in a residence of the individual. Also required on top of the General license with an additional 24 hour training.

That isn't just it, these licenses are also set to expire every year until you own them for 5 or more years. Once you own a license for 5 years, it will expire 3 years after the last renewal date. In order to renew these licenses you have to go through a psychological evaluation and pay $800 for liability insurance each time. You would also have to train for an additional 8 hours as well.

This bill also targets magazines and ammunition. It would prohibit ammunition above .50 caliber and there is a hefty fine of 50k-100k + 1--20 years in prison if you are found in possession of a round over .50. Section 3 also mentions a ban on magazines or any feeding device that accepts more than 10 rounds. If you are found in possession of a high cap magazine, you may receive a fine anywhere between $10-$25,000 and 1-5 years imprisonment.

Jan 2021 Record Gun Sales

Just last month, an estimated 2 million firearms were sold and the FBI conducted a record amount of background checks for firearms. More than 4.2 million background checks were conducted though the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System (NICS) which makes it an astonishing 79% increase from last year's sales in January. Many of these background checks could be attributed to political uncertainty due to Biden's recent presidency and his out-spoken criticism on the Second Amendment.


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