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2A Newsletter: January 21st

80 Percent Arms   |   Jan 20th 2022

SHOT Show Highlights

Well it’s the week of SHOT (shooting, hunting, outdoor trade show) and while we didn’t have a booth this year, we did walk the floor and meet a lot of friends in the industry along with big fans of our products. If you stopped us to say hi or screamed at us, thanks!

There were a lot of cool things that we saw that we thought could benefit our customers as these products begin to start moving but we wanted to highlight the key products we found interesting:

Magpul/Zev FDP-9 and FDC-9 — After years of seeing this platform be used in video games and be teased by Magpul since 2008, it would appear that the original FMG-9, which was a prototype for a ‘folding machine gun’ is finally going to be seeing the light of day. There will be two versions - one of which will be sold exclusively by Zev Technologies. The FDP-9is going to be sold as a handgun which should be available in stores in 2023. The FDC-9 is going to be sold by Zev as a SBR which requires a Form 4 to be filed through the ATF. FDP-9’s can also be converted into an FDC-9 after receiving a Form 1 through a conversion part.

Magpul/Maztech X4 System — Going off of making video game mechanics into real life products, Magpul has partnered with Maztech to (eventually) release the X4 System which is the first commercial product that features an electronics system that will display information through visual augmentation systems. Basically, think Halo and Master Chief. Within the near future we’re going to be able to have digital round counters for magazines, communication systems and advanced targeting systems all through a variety of Magpul AR parts and accessories.

Franklin Armory G-173 Binary Trigger for the Gen 3 Glock 17 — While Franklin Armory got shut down by the California DOJ with the sales of their AOW products, they’re back again with a new binary trigger for Gen 3 Glock 17’s which may bring more attention to the company from the ATF but nevertheless is an exciting product. If you’re planning on getting it when it’s available for purchase, this may be one of those products that you want to buy with cash or via privacy.com.

Desert Tech Quattro AR15 lower receiver and quadmag — We’ve never heard of this company before but they’ve come out with quite the exciting lower receiver which is sure to inspire other companies to get more creative with their designs; it’s a lower receiver that fits their proprietary “quadmags” that hold 53 round per magazine. These lowers are directly compatible with standard AR15 upper receivers.

Timney Enhanced Trigger Shoe for Glocks — Timney released their new Glock trigger to the world last year and it was a completely new design that moved away from the OEM specs. Now, they’ve come out with a new enhanced feel trigger shoe which has an adjustable safety take-up and fits with all Glock pistol models from subcompacts to large frame handguns.

Ghost Gunner 3 Zero Percent Lower Receiver Kit — Every now and then we get mistaken for the Ghost Gunner company which sells small and portable CNC machines that can mill out 80% lower receivers. Obviously, we’re not them but they’ve come out with a fun new version of the Ghost Gunner which can now mill out lowers from 0% blocks of aluminum.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll also release a couple blogs specifically about some of the products that were released at SHOT Show 2022 and how we think this development may shape trends in the firearms industry over the course of this year and the near future. Stay tuned.

California cities and state move to ban 80 percents

It started with the city of San Diego, one of the first cities in California to ban its residents from being able to purchase, possess or distribute 80% products which have been dubbed by the anti-gunners as “ghost guns.” Then that grew to become the whole of San Diego County which adopted the same policy. Now, 80 lowers are also banned in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley; the newest to add to the bunch is the city of Oakland. The difference with Oakland is that their law takes it one step further and adds civil penalties of up to a $5,000 fine and six months in jail if found to be possessing, buying, selling, offering for sale, transferring, transporting, receiving or manufacturing unfinished firearm frames or receivers.

Just as a friendly reminder, beginning July 1, 2022, per CA Senate Bill 118 signed by Governor Gavin Newsom, 80 percent lowers and frames will not be legal to ship CA residents so do with that information what you will. For other state residents, we bring this to your attention to watch out for your own local politicians pushing to pass similar legislation or local ordinances which is why it’s so important to pay some level of attention to the politics and your local news as it can directly affect your rights and finances. There’s an old adage that says, “if you do not care about the business of current events they will eventually come to mind yours.” 

Why you should be aware of biased “gun violence” studies

Last weekend, there was a standoff in a Texas synagogue where a British gunman held four hostages for over 10 hours. Luckily, all four hostages managed to escape unharmed while FBI agents shot and killed the suspect. This event is currently being investigated as a terrorism related event while religious and civil rights groups are calling it an antisemitic act.

Following this event, mainstream media sources started spewing out articles citing a study from “Everytown for Gun Safety” on how states with looser gun laws cause more gun violence to occur which is more false than it is true. How was this connection made based on this event in Texas? It’s due to the fact that the suspect was a known criminal to police and had a rap sheet. So the anti-gunners are asking how was this criminal able to get a gun so easily? Well, clearly, it must be due to the fact Texas has such loose gun laws right?

People need to begin to realize we are living in a new age where lower receivers can be milled out from 80% and even 0% blocks of aluminum. Polymer pistol frames can now be printed with 3D printers. The laws that they do mention, have little to no effect on gun violence, but people are made to believe that they do otherwise. According to the study, they combined each state’s rate of gun deaths in 2020 and compared those rates with 50 policies that have been supposedly, scientifically proven to be effective in preventing gun violence. But the study doesn’t reveal its specific data, only the methodology in how they reached their conclusion. A complete breakdown of their data set would be far more transparent if they were actually correct. Mainstream media sources conveniently leave that detail out when copy editing their articles and news headlines.

Just take a look at Chicago, Illinois. A city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the country yet numbers wise, they boast some of the most shooting victims that can compare to statewide numbers for states like California or New York over the course of a full year, specifically 2021. And those states are among the most restrictive gun control states in the nation as well. Everytown For Gun Safety’s “study” shows no exact science here. Just biased, mis-contextualized numbers where false narratives are being married with political agenda. Look, we’re not telling you to call out woke people when you see them, (leave that to us) but maybe start handing out red pills whenever the opportunity arises among friends and family at the very least. 


Have topics you would like to see us touch on, or any feedback for us? Make sure to leave a comment below! We want to make sure we are putting out news relevant to our customers, and what you want to hear! Knowledge is power, and the more informed we all are to what's going on with our rights, the more effectively we can fight back.